Full Speed Ahead

flowers outside Honey Jam Cafe

I *think* I can safely say we’re done with any type of 50F weather for several months now. 1 Even though the official first day of summer isn’t for a few days, it’s definitely been feeling like it’s here. And folks, I approve of that 100%! :)

Half-Price Books Book Haul Aidans on a ghost tour!!

Cherries Half-Price Book CD Haul!

So far this month, I’ve helped my friend Deborah look for wedding dresses, gotten the best massage of my life, had brunch at Honey Jam Cafe (yummy!), taken Aidan on a ghost tour, dropped way too much money at Half-Price Books (I REGRET NOTHING!) and spent time with my family.

Aidan and some Flowers

The next week is going to be super busy, as I will be either working in an office or doing yoga teacher training stuff every day except Friday. Wednesday is going to be particularly long: early morning meeting, yoga class, apprenticeship, work, and homework review. It’s going to be a 12 hour day for real. and I haven’t had one of those in a very long time. That means I need to get lots of good sleep and eat lots of good food. The eating good food will be easy. Getting good sleep will be a challenge. My neighbors have not been very conducive to such things. If it’s not people out back having screaming fights, it’s the people next door talking loudly outside my bedroom window at 3:30 in the morning. I’ll be utilizing my iPhone sleep apps like a boss. Proofreading when you’re tired is a recipe for disaster.

I’m grateful for the chance to make some extra $$$, though. Erin Condren has the 2013 Life Planners out for pre-sale and I will definitely be needing one. 2

It’s Father’s Day today, but Adam got *me* a present. He got me the Yoga Teacher Barbie.

Yoga Teacher Barbie

I think she’s cute. :)

All right. I’d better get everything ready for the next week or so. ‘Til next time!!

Next Week

  1. I really hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying that.
  2. I guess I don’t NEED one, but I love having one and it’s been great at keeping me on track.
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12 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead

  1. Jenn says:

    Lovely photos. :)
    Best of luck with your upcoming 12 hour day! I’m fortunate in that working from home, I rarely have days like those, but when I do have marathon days like that, I do my best to prepare by getting a good night’s sleep, taking extra vitamins, and eating good foods (plenty of protein + veggies).

    • Ronni says:

      I rarely have long days like that anymore now that I mostly work from home. But sometimes, the obligations with yoga teacher training pile up. Wednesday I have to deal with tons of stuff and it’s all concentrated that one day. I’m gonna be looking UGLY. LOL.
      Ronni recently posted…Full Speed AheadMy Profile

  2. melissa says:

    First, those hydrangeas are incredible and gorgeous. I find those flowers fascinating, how you can have so many on the same bush yet they can bloom different colors. Amazing.

    Second, I’m intrigued by the book titles and will be reading about all of them on Amazon. I wrote them down. Because I definitely need to add more books to my ever growing tower on my night stand.

    Third, you have very fun taste in music. I love how it goes from classical, to trance, to the Rent soundtrack. Looks like my collection!
    melissa recently posted…#BlogHer12 and @dressbarn – The Perfect Match!My Profile

    • Ronni says:

      I never appreciated hydrangeas as much as I do this year. They are definitely gorgeous flowers.

      Out of that stack of books, I really like Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. Close to Famous is cute, too. I read mostly YA (not sure if you knew that), so those are all YA novels. I’d read Peeps a long time ago, and I really enjoyed it. I found it for $1 and had to have it!

      I love a lot of different types of music (as you can see)! Most of those CDs were $1 or $2, but Rent was $5.99. I’d already had Rent digitally, but I’ve been wanting the hard copies for a long time now. There’s just something about having the hard copy, you know?
      Ronni recently posted…Full Speed AheadMy Profile

    • Ronni says:

      Hydrangeas are so pretty!! I saw them and had to take a photo. And Aidan had to pop in, because that’s what he does.

      Get Some Zzzzs tea? I’ll look for it. I’m so freaking tired today it’s not even funny. Bedtime will be happening in about 10 minutes for sure.
      Ronni recently posted…Full Speed AheadMy Profile

  3. Cathy T says:

    I love this post. I started a new job last Monday. It’s been so fun! I am remembering how it feels to have stuff to do in the “morning” “day” AND night! It feels good– as long as it’s not every day!


    • Ronica says:

      Congratulations on the new job, Cathy! :D You’ll have to tell me all about it! :) Was it the one you made the fancy resume for?

      Incidentally, the Place That Shall Not Be Named had another massive layoff today.
      Ronica recently posted…Fashion At Disney WorldMy Profile

    • Ronni says:

      I couldn’t go past those flowers without capturing them. Never appreciated hydrangeas so much before. You know how I am always all over lilies!

      Flowers growing in the ground are my favorite. I don’t like them stuck in vases so much.

      Aidan’s a little ham. :) Ronni recently posted…At 6s and 7sMy Profile

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