Brain Fried Bullet Points

This entry is likely to make very little sense. Just sayin’.

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve worked more than 40 hours in a week.  Last week, I put in almost 51 hours.  I was having dreams about Sears ads until last night when I talked myself into dreaming about something different.  I brought home some ads on Friday for genuine shopping planning (I want a new electric blanket and maybe some pillows) and immediately caught a mistake and started proofing.  I threw the papers at Adam (not meanly) and told him not to let me look at them anymore.
  • We’re getting a TON of work over the next few weeks, so I’m looking at probably 10-15 hours of overtime until the end of November. I am SO getting a massage sometime in December.
  • I still like the job, but it really gets into my head and my brain, so I am mentally exhausted by midday Wednesday. That’s not good, because I don’t want to get burned out. I still have about six weeks of this to go. After all these weeks of intense work, it’s going to be weird to going back to job hunting. But I hope I can save enough that I’ll be OK for a couple of months.
  • Sarah came to visit for a bit last week. She went home yesterday. I didn’t see much of her because I was working so much. Fortunately, she’s very independent and found ways to keep herself entertained in the city while Adam and I made that money.
  • I ate a LOT of spaghetti today. I actually went all day without eating meat–I can’t remember the last time I did that.
  • Tomorrow, Sleeping Beauty comes out on DVD. I have never seen it. Can you believe that? So, I’ve decided to go ahead and buy it. There is also really cute Disney jewelry on and I’d like to get a few pieces. Other than that, I want to stay very frugal with my money because if I get in the right wrong frame of mind, I know I can spend way too easily. I don’t want to be that person again.
  • I can’t believe it’s already October. I am usually such a stickler for changing calendars, and my Nene Thomas calendar is still on September. I guess I’d better go change it sometime.
  • The weather is nice in the mornings. People are wearing coats. Cute coats. Leaves aren’t changing colors on the trees much yet. Actually, they seem to skip that part and just fall. I’ll have to take a look, when I’m not at work. Ha.
  • I really want to go back to a Disney park soon. However, I’m trying to be wise with my money, and airfare is RIDICULOUS. Any allotted travel money for the rest of 2008 needs to go to seeing Aidan first and foremost. But wow, I’d LOVE to go in December and see the place all decorated for Christmas. One of these days.
  • Helena’s been peeing on the bed. She tends to do it just before bedtime, so we’ve had to keep our bedroom door closed when we’re not in there. One night, I’d laid out my nightclothes and went to take a bath or a shower. I got out and went to change, and she’d peed on my nightclothes. And on my side of the bed. Apparently, I somehow piss my girl cats off because Lucy used to do the same type of thing. :( We’re working on trying to break her of it, but once SHE stops peeing, Crookshanks starts. It’s very frustrating.
  • Aidan’s adorable. Just in case you forgot. I need to call him tomorrow. I saw a missed call on my phone that came at 5:34pm, when I was on the train and underground. No reception there. Aidan’s in bed now, so I’ll have to talk to him tomorrow
  • Today, UPS randomly brought us a blender. I found the packing slip and figured out why. Months ago, we’d gotten a wedding gift from Adam’s godparents: a pizza stone. The slip said “Shipment 1 of 2.” Shipment 2 never came and we forgot about it. Turns out that this is the 2nd half of the shipment. The blender had been back ordered like WHOA, and it finally came today. Adam is so excited and eager to blend something in it. :)
  • I’m thirsty. I want pop, but I think it’ll be a better idea for me to drink Tang. Yummy, Tang.
  • I’ve been sneezing a lot. At work, whenever someone sneezes more than once, I hear: Achoo! “Bless you.” ACHOO! “Bless you!” ACCCHOOOO! “Come on, one more!” I also hear weird pirate noises way more often than I probably should. It’s neat there. Lots of work, but neat. I will miss it.

I think that’s all for now. I’m tired and want to take a bath before bed. I got these bath bombs from a place in the Grand Floridian called Basin White, and one of them is Satsuma. I can’t wait to use that one, and I think I’ll use it tonight. Their bombs are cheaper than the ones at Lush, but just as nice and fun. I bought one with Mickeys in it–I don’t think I’ll use that one ever. I can’t exactly order one of those online; I have a feeling they make those special for the park.

OK, then. Enough randomness. Good night.

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Starlight, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight (Picture)

!!! Disney in just a couple days !!!

And I’ve been SO busy, I haven’t even had time to make lists of the stuff I need to do before and for the trip. I’m hoping that Saturday, after my hair appointment, I can come home and square things away. I’m supposed to work late tomorrow night, so that’s out. Eeek. However, my paycheck next week will be very nice! I’m purposely waiting until near the end of the trip to do the bulk of my souvenir shopping. (Don’t worry, Rosa, I haven’t forgotten about your Alice pin!)

I think I’ll get it together, though. I am almost done with all the shopping I need to do. I’d like to get another memory card for at least one of the cameras (although we’ll have at least three cameras total!), I got some cute new shirts and a pair of shorts (for $5!), a new necklace, and some earrings. I am so happy we have an Aeropostale downtown now. SO HAPPY! Hmm… I want to get more sunscreen, although I do have a can of nice spray on stuff. It’s a few years old, though, so I don’t know if it’ll still be any good. I do NOT want to get burned!

Here are some things I need to do:

– clear off memory cards
– recharge camera batteries
– buy sunscreen
– load and recharge iPod
– sync iPhone (although I tend to do this every night anyway)
– choose a bag to carry around the park
– gather up Disney stuff (confirmations, Disney dollars, Magical Express tags, ears, etc.)
– PACK!!!!

Yes, EARS! Melissa and Eli bought us the bride and groom ears! I’m so happy about that! Adam looks SO cute in his. I’m sure I’ll look cute, too.

I’m so very excited to be going to Disney World. I have the Wishes song on my iPhone as my default ringtone.

Tonight, I talked to little Aidan on the phone. He and his dad were on speaker, and Aidan was getting tired and a little bit grouchy. Anyway, he was trying to say he wasn’t sleepy.

Aidan: I’m not sleepy. I’m like an owl.
Ronni: Aw, he’s a night owl.
Chris: Yes, just like his mommy. Aidan, are you nocturnal?
Aidan: Yes, that means I wake up in the night.
Chris: Do you hibernate?
Aidan: No, I’m not a bear!

He’s so freakin’ smart. I miss him so much. Earlier this week, I mailed him a package full of cool stuff, and he got it today. He said he likes everything in there. :) Among the things I put in the package:

– butterfly bath bomb from Lush
– 2 shirts from Old Navy (he said he LOVES them and can’t wait to wear them!)
– sour gummy worms
– fruit snacks
– blue self-stick notes in the shape of an A

Schawk! is still going well. Fourth quarter officially starts this weekend, though, so they’re already asking people to do overtime. I can’t this week–I’ll be preparing for Disney World. But soon enough, I’ll be working 10 hour days and Saturdays too, probably. I’ll be loving my paychecks as a result of all that work. It’s a decent place to work. But I am glad tomorrow is Friday. This week was a bit tiring.

Hmm, what else? I want to get it all out while I’m here, because I don’t know if I’ll have time to blog again before I go!!!

OH, I know. Check this out:

Stuffed Animals

See the big giraffe? Yeah, I TOTALLY want it. I went up to it in the store today and hugged it. So cute.

Oh, I know. Yesterday, I went and saw Romney at her job. She works a BLOCK from me. Takes me like, 2 minutes to walk there. She’s SO CUTE. :) I adore her.

OK, I need to go because I’m typing like crap and losing my train of thought, AND I am getting sleepy. Plus Crookshanks just plopped his big butt on my lap. Please forgive any typos. I’ll try to blog tomorrow or Saturday, if I have some time. But for now… good night!

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So far, my assignment at Schawk! is going really well. I like my work space, I like the work (and I know some of the Thanksgiving Sale Doorbusters, mwah!), and I LOVE feeling like a contributing member of society. Yesterday, I fired up iTunes and lo and behold–SHARED iTunes libraries! Oh, how I’ve missed thee. I used to share at McGraw-Hill and I got exposed to so much great music. I’m looking forward to listening to new stuff.

Based on how things are now, I’d REALLY love it if they asked me to stay longer, and if they asked me to come on as a permanent employee. Although educational publishing is my first love, I’m digging this ad agency stuff. There is a LOT to learn, but the days go quickly and I’m doing what I love most, which is proofreading. The atmosphere reminds me of McGraw-Hill in the good ole days (except for the pulling lunch tables together part), the building is STEPS away from my train stop, my commute is 15-20 minutes tops, and I enjoy the work. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a guy from the mail room makes popcorn in an old fashioned pop corn popper machine thingy. Yesterday, there were free donuts to eat. It’s like the best of MGH and ZB. I can wear jeans here. The temperature in the office is WARM, sometimes a bit too warm, but that’s OK. I can listen to my headphones and lose myself in my work.

And then there is the feeling of contributing, of earning money. Of doing something that matters. Millions of people will see the ads I proofread. That means a lot to me, you know?

It is good. I wonder if I’ll be saying that a month from now, when we’re working on our Christmas books.

Today, Adam took me out to dinner at Arturo’s Tacos. It’s a 24 hour Mexican joint a bit north of us. Yum. I ordered three carne asada tostadas, but I wasn’t as hungry as I’d thought. So…I have one left for lunch tomorrow. Woohoo!

Made my hair appointment for September 20th. I go to Eshe Day Spa and Salon. I love that place because I sit there, listening to the conversations, the cadence of the voices of successful and beautiful Black women. The laughter, the talking, the sweet smell of chemicals, nail polish, and shampoo. The laughter and antics of the staff. I’m looking forward to going again.

Other good things:

-It’s my favorite season. The sky is that pretty blue, it’s not too hot when walking to the train station in the morning.
-Waking up to the Tom Joyner morning show. I can’t believe I never listened to it before.
-I’m going to Disney World in less than two weeks! I’m starting to get REALLY excited!
-This will be the my first October that I get to spend with Adam. Granted, he and I are going to be working so much that we probably won’t see much of each other, but at least I’ll be home with him at the end of the day.
-Sarah Dessen will have a new book out next summer! YAY!
-Adam’s book is in all the local Barnes & Noble stores around here, and in books across the country. This is so AWESOME for him.

That’s all for now. I’m very tired, so I’m gonna read a bit then go to sleep. Wait, I must eat a Pop-Tart first. Yum, Pop-Tarts.

Good night! :)

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Quick Update of Today

Today went well at the new place. One of the account managers from Aquent showed up to give us Aquent people little gifts for our desks. I love that company; they’ve been so good to me.

I have my own desk, computer, and phone, and the work area is open, but not as open as ZB was. Everyone’s friendly and nice. The atmosphere is business casual, but I saw a LOT of people wearing jeans today. The lunch room is nice, and they have a cool coffee/cocoa machine. The work is going to get crazy–I’m going to be working a LOT over the next few months: 5-10 hours a week overtime during the really busy part; weekends and late nights (except for when I go to WDW)–but the paychecks will be fantastic.

I’m excited because of this: Schawk Named “Best Workplace in the Americas”. Cool, huh? :)

There’s a lot to learn, but I’m sure I will be able to handle it. I like it there. But now I’m tired. So, I’m gonna finish up on the computer, take a bath, and crash. ‘Til next time!

P.S. Adam’s new book, I Put A Spell On You, comes out tomorrow.

Buy It!

It’s my favorite one by him.

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OK, Y’all….

I’m off. Hopped up on Red Bull and running on adrenaline. I’ll post an update when I get home! :)

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