Nationwide (where I work) is so random sometimes.

My day is just over halfway over, and already, two people from my floor got “arrested” and thrown into “jail” (bail proceeds benefits Operation Feed).

A guy on my floor got a flat panel monitor and now everyone’s jealous.

Then someone told me about a vendor fair going on. You know what that means. FREE STUFF! So I got a bag full of OFFICE SUPPLIES. I love office supplies. Love.Them. I can’t believe the hi-tech stuff they’re coming out with. And you know what else? Being a secretary paid off. I got a free $20 gift. Good times.

Nationwide’s New Jingle (to the tune of Nationwide is on your side): Nationwide will randomize.

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My Boss Rocks

My boss is the greatest. He just told me that I don’t have to sit through three hours of presentations. Which is good because my stomach still isn’t happy with me. Neither is my pinky toe. That may be because I crashed it into the wall last night.
So, I thought that getting to bed at 1am would be sufficient. It would give me 5.5 hours of sleep. Well, guess what? I had another dream where I had a bad tummy ache, then woke up and realized the tummy ache was indeed real. At 4am. So yeah. I lost some sleep there. Boo.
We’re pretty sure the SUV is ready for pickup today. I’m just waiting to get the call from Chris so I can leave work to meet him at Avis place. Then I have to drive him to Ricart so we can get the SUV. See, this is another reason my boss is cool. I told him about that and he’s totally okay with me leaving early. AND he’s giving us pizza for lunch. And he’s taking the team to a baseball game. (But I may have to miss that because of the car.)
My boss rocks.

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Slim Jims

So, today we celebrated someone’s 40th birthday. There are black balloons and streamers and lots of “Over the Hill” memorabillia at her desk. But the bad part is all the junk food that is fewer than 6 feet from my desk.

I ate so many cheesy poofs and then I ate a Slim Jim. Oh, and a Snickers bar and little donut thingys.

My stomach is NOT happy with me right now. Oops.

Tomorrow, we’re having an “offsite” meeting. It’s important that I get good sleep tonight. I have to sit for THREE HOURS and listen to people present stuff. It would LOOK REALLY BAD if I fell asleep.

But the good thing is that we’re having PIZZA tomorrow! YEAH!

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