My boss is the greatest. He just told me that I don’t have to sit through three hours of presentations. Which is good because my stomach still isn’t happy with me. Neither is my pinky toe. That may be because I crashed it into the wall last night.
So, I thought that getting to bed at 1am would be sufficient. It would give me 5.5 hours of sleep. Well, guess what? I had another dream where I had a bad tummy ache, then woke up and realized the tummy ache was indeed real. At 4am. So yeah. I lost some sleep there. Boo.
We’re pretty sure the SUV is ready for pickup today. I’m just waiting to get the call from Chris so I can leave work to meet him at Avis place. Then I have to drive him to Ricart so we can get the SUV. See, this is another reason my boss is cool. I told him about that and he’s totally okay with me leaving early. AND he’s giving us pizza for lunch. And he’s taking the team to a baseball game. (But I may have to miss that because of the car.)
My boss rocks.

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