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I got to work today, feeling energetic and not run down/tired. It was nice. I was sharp, totally working well, and cheerful.

Then we had the weekly staff meeting.

I am FRIED. Absolutely fried. I mean, my brain is numb, I feel worn down and exhausted.

But one good thing. I got assigned a project. A COMMUNICATIONS project! YEAH!

Now if only I could get my dang energy back….

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Holy Crap I’m Bored & Random Thanks

I want to go home!!!!! akdfjawlkfjadfklajlk!

I am so ready. My boss promised we’d get to go early. But now there is a “fire.” I have a feeling since HE has to stay, he’s going to make all the rest of us stay too.


It’s so dead here, otherwise. I’m getting ZERO emails. The floor is silent. I am bored. I want to go HOME and play and sleep and email Ivy and just … aiojifjiafjadjlfhajkfh.

Since I’m so bored, I’ve decided to Give Some Thanks.

Here goes:

– Thanks to Rob for randomly making me smile.
– Thanks to Tyler for “Only One” and “Slipped Away.”
– Thanks to Tami for certain Chinese characters that she (hopefully) has the hang of by now!
– Thanks to Kelly S itskels for always dying. =DEAD=

NO Thanks To:

– MyNW for acting stupid the day before Thanksgiving therefore cutting into my LEAVING EARLY PRIVILEDGES. @&%$!
– My tires that keep leaking air.
– The weather for being RAINY.


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