I’m One High-Falutin’ Son of a Gun

Got to work this morning. Everyone was kind of punch drunk, with the holidays being so close and all. Heather gave Jay some Head On, so of course, I had to keep saying “Head on. Apply directly to the forehead. Apply directly to the forehead. Apply directly to the forehead.” HAHA. Then he let us try it. It made my head tingle and I felt relaxed all over. Both Heather and Jay attest to its effectiveness. Good stuff.

I skipped the lunch outing, but the office was SO quiet because just about every one else left, so I took a very nice nap. :)

Next week, I get to develop another style guide! This one will be for the Teacher Edition of the Pre-K Handwriting program.

Stopped by Target to get cat litter, and then came home to find a notice on my door for two packages from UPS! I went to my mailbox and saw another package slip! I RAN to the rental office, and found out that I had FOUR packages waiting for me! Elizabeth had to give me a bag so I could carry everything. I got a package from Ivy with:

Newsies soundtrack;
– Pitcher and glasses;
– Pink slipper boots (they are so unbelievably cute!!);
Eats, Shoots & Leaves;
– Nag Champa (!!!)
– stuff for Aidan :)

From Andy, I got a Mickey Mouse toaster (!!), and some footie pajamas (I am so putting them on after I take out the trash), and I got more Mikasa stuff from Rosa!

Overwhelmed? Oh yes. Feeling VERY loved? Absolute-freakin’-lutely!!!!!! :)

Chris is on his way over with Aidan. I’m going to let him open his stocking and play with the things Ivy got him tonight. We’ll probably watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol a million times. Tomorrow, we’ll head up to my mom’s for the weekend, and I’ll come back home Sunday. Spending some of the day with a few Davis folks on Christmas, and recovering all day Tuesday !!!!

Before I go, I have to clean out my car. My mother told me to do so. :O

I have no plans to go out anymore today–it’s rainy, people are driving like bad bananas with greasy black peels, and I want to relax for the drive up tomorrow, and before the weekend. Can’t wait ’til Aidan gets here! :)

‘Til later!

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Lunch Break!

I’m on my lunchbreak. I had leftover spaghetti from last night, and a snickerdoodle cookie from Cheryl & Co. I never used to care much for Cheryl & Co. cookies. There was something a little “off” about them. I think they were too soft. But their snickerdoodles. Oh God. They’re almost better than the A Blessed Cookie Co. ones I used to eat when I worked at Nationwide. Heavenly. Perfect. Soft, delicious. Oh God. Mmmm. Snickerdoodles.

I was thinking about how much I like organizations such as Toys for Tots or Operation Christmas Child. I wish I could open something like that, but make it year-round. Kids have birthdays. Kids need clothes all the time, not just in December. I would love to start an organization and have people donate clothing and toys, and then I’d ship them to shelters and churches all over the city. I’d love to adopt a family one year. Give things to an entire family, brighten their season. Toys for the kids. Clothes for the parents. Food for a Christmas dinner. Maybe one year I’ll be able to do that.

I missed most of the donation barrels and drives this year, which disappoints me. I just didn’t have the extra cash to give this year to get a great deal of stuff. The ironic thing is that my friends are giving to me–going above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of–and learning to accept that when I want to give so much myself is a learning experience. Flat out asking for help is hard for me. Sometimes I’ll drop hints, and hope someone offers to help me, but it’s so hard for me to go to someone and say “hey, can I borrow $30 for groceries?” Or even worse, “Can I have $30? I probably won’t be able to pay you back.” I feel like–I’ve made certain choices in my life and that I should be able to deal with those consequences–bad or good–like an adult. And for me, like an adult means not having to borrow or take money from my friends, or ask my mom for help with groceries, or even whine about being broke on my LJ. I guess I’m not so good at this being an “adult” thing, huh?

It’s not hard for me to accept the help, but it’s hard to let go of the guilt that floods in with the relief.

I’ve listened to this Canon Christmas song over 30 times today. It’s been on repeat for hours. I don’t want to get sick of it, but it’s so pretty!! I should turn it off after this time. Heh.

There should be at least two packages waiting for me when I get home after work! :) Hopefully one from swankivy as well. I love packages. LOVE them. And fun mail like cards andletters. I will take a picture of my card wall this weekend. Okay, actually, it’s card closet doors–the doors to the closet that holds what Aidan calls “the fiery furnace.”

Tonight, it’s off to Midas to get my brakes looked at. I really hope it’s just the brake pads. This noise didn’t really start until the past few days. But I remember that for a month or so, when I’d stop, it would sound like a space ship stopping. That “brooooom” sound. I can’t describe it–but you hear that sound a lot at Cedar Point near the Power Tower and the Top Thrill Dragster. I wonder if that wasn’t the brakes going weird on me. I’d thought it was because of the flat tire I got a few weeks ago, but who knows? Poor Little Ronica. I’m worried about her. She’s not even five yet! Anyway, I hope today’s trip to Midas is quick and painless, and that I don’t have to bumble up my holiday travel plans. I have a feeling my mom spoiled me, and I KNOW she spoiled Aidan!

Rumour has it that the newest HP title is…. …. wait for it … …

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Oooo. Sounds SCARY!!!! I think that’s all for now. I always have a list of things to write about, but then I get on here and my mind starts wandering and I lose track and yeah. Heh. Back to work for me. Errata and errata and errata, but Handwriting PDFs like WHOA will be hitting, probably starting today!

Oh my, I just checked my inbox. AJ put a card in, and on it, there is a mean-looking dog guarding the fireplace going GRRRR and Santa looks a bit perturbed. The inside says “Good thing Santa had an exit strategy,” and there is a picture of a bone wrapped in a bow. HAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. HAHAH. Okay, I’m easily amused. Or punch drunk. Or maybe just addled from listening to Christmas Canon too many times. Still, HAHA. What a great card! HAHA. Santa’s face. The dog, he looks so pissed. And there is a reindeer looking in the window like “oh shit.” HAHAHAHA. I just found out that AJ made the card himself! HAHA. Even better! :)

All right. The Mountain Dew must be kicking in. Back to Errata for me. ‘Til next time!

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Yesterday, I got to work in an unexplainable cranky mood. Probably due to my tiredness. I just wasn’t in the mood to copy edit, but most specifically, I didn’t want to copy edit those 2Rs that were in from Baseline. Talk about confusing and time consuming! But I’d forgotten that it was the company-wide monthly birthday party until Sandy reminded me, and then she gave me a card. There were only a few of us who got sang to, but that meant free fruit and chocolate cake for breakfast. And 30 minutes away from my desk.

I got back to my desk and E. Mae had sent out an invite, asking all the copy editors to lunch, her treat. We ended up at this Italian place in Grandview. Great food, slow service, but it was okay. The bread was amazing!!

There is so much food and good stuff all over the department. Cookies and candies and just… loads of free stuff for the taking. I ate way too much yesterday. I paid for it this morning! Ha. (Remind me to lay off the apple juice. Like, for real, yo.)

I was thinking of letting my hair grow another two to four inches without relaxing it, then cutting off all the relaxed hair and going natural. My hair is in such bad shape now, I don’t see how it could hurt. What do you guys think? It’d probably look like this little girl’s hair in my icon:

Think I could pull it off? I’m seriously thinking about it. I know my hair will be a HOT MESS the next few months if I do this, but it will be natural, all natural, if I decide to go for it. i am so tempted, you have NO idea. Give me your opinions. In the meantime, I will be looking for information on natural hair care, going natural, blah blah blah.


Last night was so much fun! Aidan and I went to my co-worker’s Heather’s place, where she was watching a little 3-year old named Katie. We watched The Polar Express and How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the Dr. Suess version), and baked cookies. The kids played with toy trains, and this really neat “Pizza Party” set by Melissa and Doug, the same people who made the See and Spell I got Aidan for Christmas. That pizza party was so cute, and I found out that they have all sorts of neat food toys. I wish I was rich. I’d buy them all for Aidan in a heartbeat, and buy extras to donate. Those toys are THAT GOOD.

Today, even though Aidan didn’t get to sleep until after 1am, he was up at 8:30. I was as well, though, so it worked out. We had a lazy morning, then we headed out for Saturday errands–Post Office, bank, and Target to get essentials and prescription refills. He got compliments left and right today about how cute he is. People smile when they see him. It’s adorable. When we got to the bank, I glanced up and saw three beautiful dogs looking at us. They were in the back of an SUV with the top-back window open. The owner had just happened to come out as I was commenting to Aidan on how pretty they were, and he let us pet them. They were very friendly, and I got “kissed” on the nose twice. One was a husky, one was pure white, and the other was golden–he looked like a retriever or so.

Aidan ate three bowls of oatmeal today, and drank two cups of apple juice, so he’s been running to the bathroom quite often. He and I had a picnic of macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets, followed with leftover cookies from last night at Heather’s. It was very good.

Now, he and I are both wrapped in towels, sitting at computers, and drying off after our Saturday night bath. Oh, correction, he’s stark naked, which is one of his favorite ways to be. Silly kid.

He is VERY excited about Christmas. He really gets it this year. He TRIED to open a gift already, but I wouldn’t let him. Not until next week! :) But he did help me wrap a gift for “Grandmommy” and one for “Grandpa Greg.” Oh, and little gifts for the cats. We gave Lucy hers already. I’m having a great time using “Santa Claus” to get him to be good. >:) The best part is making up explanations for every question he throws at me. I’m having a blast. Haven’t taken him to see Santa yet–the lines are crazy long, and I think he’ll be okay if he doesn’t get to see him. He really wants a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but that toy is INSANELY hard to find, and the people on eBay are making loads off of it. I’m hoping the TMX Tickle Me Elmo (should it be Tickle-Me Elmo, to be grammatically correct? Probably not. I’m going CRAZY over open and closed compounds, and hyphenated ones, too. At least, it’s not Tickle Me, Elmo) will take his mind off of the Clubhouse. OH GOD. Yesterday, he asked for a Wii. Um…no. LMAO. I think, with all the stuff my mom got him (and she’s still not done, she says) he’ll be so overwhelmed that he’ll forget the Clubhouse. I HOPE. Eeep.

‘Til next time!

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I Feel Productive. Kinda. (Pictures)

Enjoying Myself at the Holiday Party

Guess what I did today?

– went to the Post Office, and mailed out holiday packages;
– went to Target and bought necessities like shower gel, cat food, and laundry detergent;
– finally finished my Christmas cards;
– wrapped a bunch of gifts (there are some for Aidan that are shaped so oddly–how in the fresh hell am I supposed to wrap those?);
– put together the rest of the packages which are to be sent when I get paid next week;
– transferred a prescription;
– cleaned the living room

So, w00t.

Now I just have to tackle the dishes. *hides from them*

Today at work, there was the holiday party. Lots of fun. Two hours of not having to work, wheee. Heehee. There was lots of food (I had chicken, scalloped potatoes, and three cookies, plus lemonade to drink), and prizes raffled off, and live music, which included some foot-stompin’ hand-clappin’ traditional Irish music. Yea!!!

I sat at a table with some fun people. The food was good, and I certainly enjoyed that Irish music.

Just Me
Just Me. Smiling, and full.

This was the centerpiece on our table. I won one, but not this one. Okay, I didn’t actually “win,” it was totally rigged, but still. :)

The best part was the raffle ticket that said “Happy Holiday’s.” Do we NOT work for a publishing company? I am beginning to think documentation NEEDS to go through copyediting, because last week, the program from the kids’ program said Doner instead of Donner in the Rudolph song!!! Eeek!

Today at work, I copy edited a book about Coretta Scott King. I had no idea the woman had been so beautiful. She was breathtaking!! Did you know that Martin talked to her about marriage on their first date? Ha. And that she’d thought he was handsome, but too short? How cute, huh? Together, those two made quite a pair and changed American forever.

I got a couple of cards today. A card in the mail from alwaysonlybe, a Vegas postcard from celinedion, and a card from Sandy at work with a $10 gift card to a bookstore. Oh, and a letter from meimeigui with extra happiness inside!! ♥

Early this morning, about 1am, I was hit with a raging craving for chicken and stars soup. I wasn’t about to eat soup at 1am, so I’m eating it now. Yum.

I should head to bed. I have a long day tomorrow, but the evening should be fun. I’m going out to a co-worker’s place with Aidan, to have warm/fuzzy/snuggly/wuggly Christmas time fun. We’re gonna bake cookies and drink cocoa and watch Christmas DVDs. I wish I could find my pajamas with feet so I could wear them, but I’ll be fine. I’ll bring running pants to change into, maybe.

‘Til next time!

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Slighty Drugged, But That’s Okay

Took a Tylenol PM to get me relaxed so I’d fall asleep tonight, and not lie awake worrying and stuff like that.

Just over 19 days until Christmas. Man, I can’t believe I’m counting down. What a dork I am.

Watched some of Newsies today. I used to have such a crush on Aaron Lohr (who played Mush). He’s grown up to be pretty hot still, but the thing is–he looks like how Aidan might look in 12 years, and that’s just creepy. Needless to say, my crush on Aaron Lohr is now gone, but it is SO MUCH FUN to sing and dance to the musical numbers in that movie. I love King of New York and Seize the Day.

Work is getting busy, finally. Handwriting stuff piles up quickly, plus I’m helping J with her leveled readers. I get to do one on Hull House soon! Hull House is the scariest point on the ghost tour in Chicago, so I am very interested in doing the leveled reader on that. In addition, I will be writing the style guide for the English-Language Learner teacher pages for Handwriting. Me, writing a style guide!! I am nervous–I’ve never written one before, and this will be for REAL BOOKS that teachers will use, so yes, I’m a little bit nervous, but excited to take on the challenge. Eeee!

Read about Leukemia in the leveled reader I worked on today. There was a picture of the sweetest little red-head boy. He looked so … resigned. He had curly hair, soft, big curls, and this beautiful little face. He reminded me so much of Aidan, and I just started praying and thanking God that Aidan was healthy and didn’t have to suffer like that adorable little boy. I pray that Aidan will ALWAYS be healthy. My heart broke for that sweet child.

Anyway…OH MY GOD??!? Adam Brody is back on the market?? HOT DAMN!!!! But wow, three years. And they still have to work together! Awkward, much??! Well, maybe not. If they’re still friends, it could be fine.

I’m hungry. I had a VERY small dinner and I should probably eat something else, but it’s so late already. Plus, I don’t even know what I want, besides things that’ll take HOURS to cook. I’m just not feeling that patient.

I must clean tomorrow. Dishes, Lucy’s litter box, take out the trash. Yippee.

Drivers in Columbus. Especially as you near the suburbs. DRIVE, DAMMIT! That’s what I yell at them in my car! Everyone is so overly cautious here, and it doesn’t even make a difference because they still get into 328947389 accidents! I can’t believe I live in a city where so many people insist on driving at least 5 MPH below the speed limit. Usually, it’s 10 or so. Yesterday evening, I ended up behind a yahoo who was going 35 in a 50, nothing in front of him/her, and the person STILL kept braking every few hundred or so feet. What the hell?? I finally got around that person. There was NO REASON for this person to be driving that slowly, except to aggravate ME. That HAS to be it.

And… I keep getting stuck behind the slow pokes when I am on the freeway, and when I am in positions where I can’t change lanes. For example, the lane to pass is chock full of cars, or even more common, I need to be in the lane I’m in because my exit is coming up and there is a good chance that I’d miss it while trying to pass the slow pokes.

Oh well. C’est la vie, I suppose. Ooh, Bon Vie sounds yummy right now…. okay, just about anything involving chicken and/or rice and/or green beans sounds good right about now. But nah, too late.

You know what? I have some amazing friends. Just thought I’d mention that. That way, I can remember it too.

Bedtime for me. Ciao! :)

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