Stolen from: whitters2312

First best friend: Shannon Thomas
First car: 2000 Hyundai Accent
First date: Mike Drexler
First real kiss: Adam Frank
First screen name: LilRonGal
First self purchased album: New Kids On The Block – Hangin’ Tough (it was a bootleg)
First funeral: my grandfather’s. :(
First pets: some fish
First piercing: Got my ears pierced when I was 9.
First credit card: A Fifth-Third Visa
First enemy: Too many.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: I can’t remember the name or the song.

Last cigarette: About 5 years ago. I smoked it because I was stressed.
Last car ride: Today, on the way to work.
Last good cry: Hm. Wow, it’s actually been a few days. A miracle.
Last library book checked out: I checked out several books on writing.
Last movie seen: Shrek 2
Last beverage drank: Water
Last food consumed: Wendy’s
Last time showered: Days ago. I’ve been taking baths.
Last phone call received: Trevor Nelson-he wanted to know how much vacation time he has left for the year.
Last shoes worn: I’m wearing Oxfords.
Last cd played: In the car– Enigma (Voyager)
Last item bought: Wendy’s
Last annoyance: Someone typing behind me. I HATE the sound of people typing.
Last disappointment: The joint bank account
Last time wanting to die: Within the last few days.
Last shirt worn: I’m wearing a black bebe shirt.
Last website visited: Someone’s LJ (ha ha, the one I’m stealing this survey from!)
Last word you said: Bye
Last song you sang: I don’t know.

Current mood: Eh
Current music: Ambient Raspberry Swirl/Scarlet Spectrum Feels – Tori Amos
Current taste: Nothing
Current hair: Parted in the middle, hanging down, wavy
Current clothes: Jeans and a bebe shirt.
Current annoyance(s): That guy is typing again.
Current longing: NO COMMENT. :(
Current desktop picture: Whatever it is, it’s really pretty.
Current book(s): Tara Road
Current color of toenails: Red
Current hate: BEING BROKE

What is in your cd player?: Probably a CD full of MP3s
What color socks are you wearing?: White with smiley faces all over. The faces are all different colors.
What color underwear are you wearing?: Dark blue
What’s under your bed?: Nothing. The bed sits directly on the floor.
What time did you wake up today?: 6:42am

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