Stolen from yoimemily, the one who doesn’t realize how awesome she really, truly is:

Name: Ronica
Race: Guess
Age: no comment. :)
Name meaning: True Image
Mom’s name: Lenora
(Step) Dad’s name: Greg
Brother’s name(s): N/A
Sister’s name(s): Leah
Hair: golden
Eyes: hazel
Skin: beautiful
Born: December 20
Live now: Pataskala, Ohio
Height: 5’1
Weight: 105 lbs
best feature: eyes, smile
Worst feature: stomach
Tan or Fair: “Natural” tan


Food: spaghetti
Animals: giraffe
Colors: pink
Day: Christmas
Day of Week: Friday
Season: Autumn
Music artist: Don’t have a favorite.
Song: Anywhere Is by Enya.
Family member: Aidan
Place to have sex: I dunno. Bed, I guess.
Time of day: late at night
drink: Kool-Aid
Alcoholic drink: Amaretto Sour
Way to travel: plane
Movie: Firestarter, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Imitation of Life
Scents: Abercrombie & Fitch, bacon, french fries, Bob Evans, Aidan after a bath, myself after a bath…
Flower: Asiatic Lily

Last time you…

Ate something: A few hours ago. I had a small piece of pizza.
Yelled at someone: Probably yesterday, at Chris.
Cried: Hmm. It’s been a while. A meltdown is probably on its way.
Loved someone: I love lots of people right now!
Kissed someone: Today
Kicked someone’s Ass: I was tempted to do that to someone today…
Went swimming: Well, I didn’t actually swim, but I played in Kelly P’s pool a little over a week ago…
Got all embarrassed: This afternoon. Oooo I hate tattletales.
Tripped: I don’t remember.
Bought something for your self: Yesterday
Went on Vacation: 2001
Played a musical instrument: Too long. I want to learn guitar.
Doodled: A few days ago.

Would you…

Get Married? I’m already married.
Have kids? I have a son.
Sky Dive: HECK YEA!
Sword fight: Not so much.
Be in a band: Nah.
Eat grass: No.
Have sex in a public place: *blush*
How about on a boat? I don’t think so.
Outside: *blush*
In the snow: NO way. Too friggin’ cold.
Outside, in the rain, on the hood of your SO’s car: Nah.
Date a member of the same sex? Only if she were Angelina Jolie. Just kidding. Of course not.
Much older than you? I dated a guy who was about 2 years older than me.
Much younger? Yup. I have and I married him.

Days to Come…

What do you want to be in life: A successful & famous author, a socialite, rich, a child of God, happy
Married? Aug 5 2000
Honeymoon? Went to Myrtle Beach
Kids? Been there, done that.
Where would you live? I have hopes of owning a vacation home on Lake Erie. Near Cedar Point.

Your room…

Name three things in your room: bed, alarm clock, tv
Flannel sheets or other? plain ole cotton.
Door, open or shut: depends on my mood.
One pillow or more? definitely more.
Just cover yourself or do you wrap yourself into a cocoon with your blankets?: cover
How do you wake up in the morning? alarm clock, or cell phone alarm.
Do you need lots of sleep? not really
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? :)
Have you ever slept with anything other then stuffed animals(I.E. A photo or a letter or a tv remote or a book)? I fall asleep reading every night. So, I sleep with a book, my Pandernoodle, my cell phone (sometimes), Chris (if he isn’t snoring too loudly)

Are you…

Horny? Nope.
Hot and flustered? Nope.
Psycho? Darn skippy.
Schizophrenic: No.
Understanding: Yes.
Insecure: Always
Hungry: A little.
Childish: All the bloody time.
Independent: Definitely.


Outfit: Aeropostale running pants, tank top from England.
Mood: Sleepy
Music: Nothing
Annoyance: Stupid dogmamas at work trying to get me in trouble…
Smell: Nothing
Book: Tara Road. Still.
Doing anything other then filling this out?: No, not really. Well, trying to ignore my back pain.
Where are your parents? In Aurora, OH. 2 miles down the road from Geagua Lake. Seriously.


What did you last eat? pizza
Who did you last talk to? Chris & Aidan
Who did you last talk to on the phone? Chris
Last time you slept? early this morning, and not very well. :(
Who did you hug most recently and why? Hmm. Suzi, I think. Or Katie.
What did you last dream about?: I’m trying to forget. :
Ate cake? Saturday.
Lit candles? It’s been a while…
You got as a gift: No one buys me presents. :(


Birthday: December 20
Chinese sign: Tiger
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Relationship? Married
Who? Chris
How long? Dated 2 years, married almost 4.
Virgin? What do you think?
Innocent? Nope. Not anymore.

What do you think of when you hear…

Eminem: You gotta lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go you only get one shot do not miss your chance to flow ’cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime
Dog: Darby
Hot: dog
America: 4th of July
Britney Spears: I want her figure.
Nsync: Cuties.
Real world: Melissa Howard. I love her.
Orange: Cream
Choice: Parent’s Choice – Walmart’s brand of baby stuff like lotion and formula.
Fuck: BAD word.
Bisexual: Angelina Jolie. LOL.
Black: ebony.
Icq: Yuck.
Volcano: Indonesia
Insane clown posse: FREAKS
Linkin park: I love them.
Jack: dog
Rainbow: Chris said he saw a bright one today.
Cucumber: salad
Shark: I think of some crazy looking blue shark for some reason…
Lifehouse: N/A
Bat: Robin
Leather: new car
Whip: cream
Spread: toast
Thrust: cars
Shaft: Chef from South Park
Tight Balls: Okay… someone is trying to turn this survey nasty.
Penetrate: N/A
Winter: my birthday
Beach: sand
Bath: I’m going to take one soon.
Ice water: COLD.
Tight: butt
Cry out: What Aidan is doing right now.
Cold breeze: Typical.
Deep: Ocean
Riding: horses.
Up top: I dunno.
Against a wall: up up against the wall… that n sync song…
Silk sheets: slippery. Remember that episode of Growing Pains when Jason kept sliding off the bed?
Kitty: Gracie.
Swimsuit: bikini
Lonely: me
Fallen: That freaky movie staring Denzel Washington
Water: I have to get a cup so I can take my medicine.

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