The instability of Live Journal is kind of annoying. But I’m not paying for it, so I can’t complain too much, now can I?

Other than that, here are reasons why today has been pretty good:

1. I am not tired!
2. I got a massage.
3. I ate Japanese Steakhouse.
4. It’s FRIDAY!
5. I got my entire “to do” list done.

So, this massage deal. VERY cool, okay? You pay $15 for 15 minutes, and you get into one of those special chairs. It was nice and very much needed. I need a longer one, next time. I’m so tense and I have knots (ow) and I’m stiff in spots. 15 minutes wasn’t enough, that’s for sure. They also offer 30 minutes for $30, but since I’m saving money, I decided to forgo that one for now.

YAY, it’s FRIDAY!!!

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