I had a very busy weekend. Friday night, I went to Starbucks to listen to Garth and Tim play. THEY SOUNDED AWESOME. I mean, I’m talking, star quality. Tim has the IT FACTOR. I think he could be famous. Afterwards, I stopped over at Josh, Garth and Brian’s to watch Return of the King. Honestly, I was just going for the fellowship. I didn’t give 2 bananas about the movie. (Now is the part where I duck!) I fell asleep on Fellowship, never saw Two Towers, so it really was pointless for me to go and watch ROTK, right? So, when Monica came and told me that my presence had been requested at Kelly’s surprise birthday party, I jumped at the chance. Now, THAT was cool. They had a projector and were showing movies on the back of the house on a sheet. Good times. Headed to Garth’s to hug him goodbye, then came home.

Saturday, we headed to Cleveland to see Mommy. :) It had been a while, so it was time. We all had a really good time. Treated us to yummy, yummy, YUMMY food! I never knew how delicious Ruby Tuesday’s steaks were. :) Then we went to Marc’s. Why is that place awesome? And CHEAP?

After Marc’s, we went back to Mommy’s and just relaxed. You know, she lives right down the street from Geauga Lake, and we passed it a couple of times. It’s really sad how dead that amusement park is. There were very few cars in the lot, and small crowds. On a nice Saturday. What is up with that?

During dinner, the cheese fiasco happened. While the burgers were grilling, Mommy mentioned that she had mozzerella cheese. I got a quick idea and asked if she had tomato sauce. She did. I asked for a pizza burger. So, Chris makes me this pizza burger. I take a bite and realize it’s awfully spicy. Now, no one else has spicy burgers. Then Greg, my stepfather, starts to say HIS sandwich is spicy. Chris SWEARS that he didn’t put pepper or anything on our burgers. But why were they spicy?

Turns out that Chris used PEPPERJACK cheese instead of mozzarella. HOLY banana, that stuff was hot. Once I got that cheese off, the burger was yummy. ;)

We drove back home Saturday night, and got in a bit after midnight. I played on the PC, bathed, and slept. Got up for Sunday school and church, which was awesome, of course. After Sunday school, we headed to BW3s for lunch. YUMMMM YUMM YUMMY! That food was so good. Then I hung out at Chad & Christy’s while Chris went to play Frisbee golf with his friends. Then we went to Heidi’s good-bye party. After that, we went to another party thrown by Corey. But Aidan got tired so we only stayed a bit over an hour.

I had a busy and fun day, filled with lots of great people. That always makes me smile. I also took lots of pictures. Will try to have them up by the end of the week.

Well, I have to go to bed now, and get ready for another week of craziness. Night!

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