I had an awesome July 4th! :) And to think, I almost didn’t get out of bed. Well, that’s not true. I would have woken up eventually….

So, I didn’t get to bed until 5:30am. Long story. Don’t want to go into it. I’d planned on skipping Sunday school, going the 11:15 service at church, and going with the flow from there. Well, I ended up waking up at 9:21 (Sunday school starts at 10), and managed to get there only 5-10 minutes late. Service was good amazing, especially at the end, but the real fun began after church, when a bunch of us went to Fazoli’s for lunch! Yummmmm. Good food and great company. It was quality time. Chris and Todd wouldn’t stop picking on Monica, and Joshua A is just an amazing person. He can be fun and crazy, but then he just knows the right things to say all the time. After lunch, we sat and talked for a long time, the whole lot of us – me, Chris, Matt, Joshua, Todd, and Monica. Aidan charmed everyone in the restaurant. Cute boy, he is.

We were invited to David’s place for a cookout and hanging out. Since we’d already eaten, we just went and watched Ice Age. Then, Corey, Lauren and I went to Target, and I got a new bathing suit. It’s sooo cute! A 2 piece, tankini with bottoms and wow, I look good in it. My stomach even looks nice in it! We went swimming for a little bit. That water was COLD. But then again, I’m spoiled by the Pomeroys’ 85 degree pool, so…

I had a fun July 4th. I love hanging out with my friends and just talking or whatever.

Ooo! Josh and Kelly are driving along–they actually should be in almost to their honeymoon resort! Did I mention I uploaded pictures? They’re here: Josh & Kelly’s Wedding

In other random news, I want this. I know it’s cheap, but it’s a nice, all-inclusive beginner package that I could start off with. Maybe someday. :)

Okay then. I guess I should go now. I had some deep stuff to write, but I can’t remember any of it now. I might be back later….

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