Hmm. Perhaps it’s time for my luscious update. I haven’t written a substantial entry in a while. Hopefully, I won’t blank out. That happens a lot. My mind races a million miles a second when I’m driving, then I blank out once the writing components (journal, PC, etc.) are in front of me. Frustrating, that.

Speaking of frustrating… CONSTRUCTION. ARGH. It’s everywhere. Seems that all the roads I take are having work done on them. I know I’ll be grateful for it when it’s done, but it’s a pain in the interim. All the detours and reroutes, and having to get up earlier. Double argh! Someone was right when he said Ohio has two seasons. Winter and Construction. The amount of orange decorating our roads is insane.

So, I was driving, and I decided to list my favorite things about each season. Pros and cons, if you will. The good things about Summer are: BBQs, sweet corn, Ohio State Fair, going to the park, Easton, sunshine, warm weather, pool parties, Cedar Point, Kings Island, fireflies. Bad things about Summer: thunderstorms, bugs, and construction.

I’d started to compare winter and summer in my head, and let’s face it, folks. Summer beats winter by a landslide. At least, in my opinion. Good things about Winter: my birthday, Christmas, Aidan’s birthday, and the furnace. Bad things about Winter: ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain, COLD, endless grey skies, seasonal depression, short short days.

Check out those lists! Compare and contrast! Summer is better by far. I dare any of you to challenge me!

Yesterday, Wendy and I went to the park and then we went to Maggie Moos. Aidan wanted to eat his cotton candy by himself. Now, as you may or may not know, cotton candy ice cream is BRIGHT BLUE. It looked like he’d painted on himself when all was done. I had my usual–chocolate with M&M mix-in. MMm, sooo good. Then I went and picked up a couple of waffles from The Iron Works for the road. MM. Junk food!

Kings Island was Sunday, and that was good times. Aidan rode a few coasters. Mild ones, mind you. As long as he could sit upright, they let him on. Crazy, right? I also took him on The Scrambler, and the kiddie rides which I could get on with him. He was too small for the cars and things. Maybe next year.

I rode Top Gun, and they had this small version of the Raptor which was fun. I enjoy the kiddie coasters b/c they are thrilling enough, but not nerve wrecking like the ones at Cedar Point. Aidan was cute there. He didn’t care so much for the coasters, but he loved the Merry-Go-Rounds and things like that. Kings Island is a great family place. Click here to check out pics!

It was really nice. Chris’s company, Gap, Inc. Direct, paid for the outing. Admission, parking, and lunch was all covered. THAT’S a company picnic. :)

So, I got a guitar. :) Check it out here: My Guitar. :) Cute, huh? I can already play D5, A5, and E5. And… I’m getting the hang of the D, A, and E chords. I tried out G and C Saturday night, and those will definitely take some getting used to!

I am eating Doritoes and THEY ARE GOOD.

Garth is back, safe and sound, from his trip to Uzbekhistan. He said he had an amazing time. Woohoo. I can’t wait to see his pictures. And Andy is coming to visit tomorrow and Friday. YIPPEE. I haven’t seen him in over a year. WAY TOO LONG. AND Kelly P *might* come over tomorrow, but that’s still kind of up in the air. So, we’ll see. At any rate, I’ll be around people I love to spend time with, so it’s all good.

I feel like I’m forgetting stuff. So, I guess I’ll update later once I remember. :)

I guess that’s all for now. Til later!

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