The members of Heritage Christian Church committed $5,269,658 for our building expansion compaign. Our membership has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. When I first started attending, there were two services. Both on Sunday: 930am and 1115pm. A 6pm Saturday service was added sometime last year, and earlier this year, they’ve added an 815am Sunday service. I am gobsmacked at the impact this church has on lives. It’s had quite the impact on mine.

Church was cool today. I saw a lot of my friends. I get overwhelmed because their are so many people I want to sit and talk to and there is never any time. Lunch afterwards helps some, but I do wish I could have more quality time with my friends.

Kelly P had on the best orange golashes ever. I wish I’d taken a picture of her in them. :)

This time change is really screwing with me. akfjlafjklafjl! It’s so dark out, and I feel like it should be about 9pm, but it’s really not even 7pm. Oh gosh. As much of a night owl I am, I HATE the longer nights and shorter days.

While we were coming home from dinner last night, we spotted a house all decorated for Christmas. Chris was complaining and saying they were being stupid. In hindsight, I realize he was jealous. He and Aidan went off to Meijer and came back with all kinds of decorations and lights and then he PUT THEM UP. Luckily, they are not lit yet, but still. *shakes head* He even got one of the inflatable Poohs. Aidan looks at him at goes “bah.” :) :O

Alright. I’m at Chad and Christy’s now and I’m going to take off and get back home so I can get stuff done. Monday Monday Monday is looming. I need to do laundry, shower, do hair, get stuff ready for work. Later, gators! :)

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