New layout and format at Anywhere Is. I didn’t make it, though. I got it from one of those neat free layout sites. I know, I’m a cheat. But I really don’t care. It’s pretty and free and I had to do very little work, and it looks way better than what I had made.

Did you guys hear about the guy who allegedly killed himself at Ground Zero because of the outcome of the Presidential race? Okay, if that’s why he did it… I can’t help but feel it’s a bit drastic. In four years, the President will be out of office. Presidents come and go! But to end your life over that? How desperate. What made him feel like he had no hope? :(

Moving on… it’s very disturbing to listen to a bunch of clearly er… nonhip people on the radio in the morning try to figure out slang words. Lord help me. “What does illin’ mean? Do you know what ‘po-po’ is?” *sigh* Just give it up folks.

Last night, I seriously conditioned my hair and I trimmed the ends. It’s so soft and shiny and smooth now! It’s the little things….

My new boss–the 2nd director I’m supporting–is so funny. He’s from Philadelphia and he has these bright blue eyes. He said he downloaded LL COOL J ring tones to his new cell phone, but they don’t sound as good as the ones on his old phone. Then he came over to my desk with his old phone and had me dial the number so I could hear “The Freaks Come Out At Night.” He’s so random and fun. My other boss is out of town for a few days.

I need to order some new contact lenses. My current ones are driving me a bit mad, but I honestly think I look better without glasses. AND I can wear sunglasses when I’m driving when I have my contacts in.

For itskels: What had happened was…

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