This was my horoscope from yesterday:

You are so good at seeing the larger picture, that you’ve missed some important details. Now you are dealing with the results of your own carelessness. This isn’t the end of the world, but apparently you’ll have some work on your hands if you are going to set things right.

The general daily overview:

The Moon is in fiery Leo the Lion, displaying our tendency to demonstrate our feelings with a showy flair. And yesterday’s Venus square with Neptune is still asking us to confront how our attractions and desires may need a reality check. It’s a fuzzy kind of day where our feelings can get easily mixed up, leaving us to clean up an emotional mess. With the Sun creating a hard angle to Saturn, we might abruptly wake up from the dream state we’ve been visiting. And, as the Moon enters critical Virgo at 6:00 pm EST, logic reclaims dominance over emotions.

Holy crap, if that wasn’t right on, I don’t know what was.

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