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Hmm. Chris is brought me home McDs. This being sick crap is the pits. Especially when you think it’s over and you wake up one day feeling worse! Ugh. I have too many things to do to lie around sleeping all the time. :(

I’m laying off the Nyquil for real, yo.

Wrapped a few presents tonight. Feeling much better than earlier today. No more shaking, coughing has calmed down. I feel close to normal, actually. :) Going to the doctor in the morning. Working 1/2 day tomorrow, will probably piss off the boss. Oh well. It’s not like I get sick on purpose. :(

So… I haven’t seen any really good Christmas programs yet this year. What happened to the days when they’d play How The Grinch Stole Christmas for days in a row? And what about all the cute cartoons and the awesome movies on Lifetime, like The Christmas List? And A Christmas Story! I haven’t seen that yet, this year! Oh, the horror! WAH. Perhaps I need to check local listings. I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately. I get sucked in and I hate that. But I do want to watch some Christmas programs.

The Grove is tomorrow! I get to see Emily (yoimemily)!!! YEA! I love her. She’s so awesome. Busy day ahead, but at least I get to sleep in since my doctor’s appointment isn’t until 9. And a half a day at work is a good thing. I should get plenty of stuff done. OH CRAP, I have to sit in on a staff meeting tomorrow and take minutes. Grrrsnarly grumble grumble poop. There goes an hour’s worth of brain cells. Numb. Maybe I’ll cough so much they’ll kick me out. ;)

Alrighty then. I’m done, I think. Later, gators.

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