I am still soooo tired. I won’t get to sleep until about 9:45 or so tonight. Actually, my boss said I could go at 2. So if I can get home by 2:30, I can take a 2 hour nap before I go and get Aidan. Yea!

Or not. Crap. I have chiropractor. Boo. So much for a nap. Dang it. I’m getting so tired of that darn commute it’s not funny. :[ Maybe I’ll just go after I get Aidan. Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Then Aidan and I can eat dinner out somewhere. :)

No one is here today. Both bosses are out. There are maybe 3 people on the floor max. I have my music blasting here. It’s nice. I love it around Christmastime here. No one is around and it’s awesome.

I think I finally finished up my Christmas shopping for sure, for sure. Thank goodness for Amazon.com and next day shipping! :) I hope everyone will be happy with what I got them. I can’t believe Christmas is in three days! That’s crazy! :) But fun. What a busy time of year for me. The last few weeks fly by because of my birthday, Christmas, then Aidan’s birthday and New Years!

I got packages from Ivy (swankivy) yesterday!! I really am being spoiled. She sent me do-rags and an amazing drawing and cute socks and stuff to make cookies and stickers! She knows me so well. I’d meant to send hers today, but stupid me left her address at home. *hits self on head* I’ll have to send it next week, and that actually works out well because I want to get her some other stuff anyway.

I think my hands were frostbitten from Monday night. They are sooo dry and they hurt–the fingertips do. That was the only part of me that was really cold at the zoo. I did get more pictures from Craig, by the way, so I hope to get those uploaded tonight. I don’t have to get up very early tomorrow so I can stay up late tonight and work on it! :)

I’d like to interrupt this very important journal entry to remind you of how much I love Becky, Emily, and Bizzy. WE ARE SO DOING A SLEEPOVER WHILE BECKY IS HOME AND EMILY IS ON BREAK. wOoT!

Okay. How does one “goodbye?” I didn’t know “goodbye” was a verb, but in that song “Let It Snow,” they say “my dear, we’re still goodbying.” Not even right.

Ooo. I’m very, very tired. I need rest. STAT.

Later! :)

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