I’m at home, and we have dialup now. Still no broadband. I tried to connect to the neighbor’s internet with no luck as well. I’m going to go out to the site and see if there are any outage notifications. If not, I’ll call them tomorrow and have them send signals to my box and reboot it from there.

Dial-up is definitely unstable. It just kicks me off at random all the time. Frustrating, indeed.

So, here’s my haul, so far:

(from work)
– Lancome Pleasures perfume
– Candle from White Barn Candle Co.
– Mary Kay stuff
– $20 card to Barnes and Noble

(from friends)
– total of $65 to Best Buy
– Legolas magnet
– bubble bath
– rose scented candle
– cherry flavored chapstick
– $20 to McDonalds

(from chris & aidan)
– The OC Season 1 DVD
– Popular Season 1 DVD
– Harry Potter and the POA DVD
– Harry Potter Quidditch Playstation 2 game
– air compressor
– vacuum with air compressor for my car
– car emergency kit
– scrapbooking kit
– huge pad of scrapbooking paper
– 2 journals
– $25 to Gap
– Disney Trivial Pursuit
– Mickey Mouse Club stuffed Mickey Mouse
– nightgown

(stocking stuffers – from chris)
– lots of board game key chains
– a huge Hershey’s kiss
– astronaut ice cream
– 20Q game
– Bop It keychain
– mini etch-a-sketch

(stocking stuffers – from family)
– lots of stickers
– $10 to Best Buy

(from family)
– $20 to Kohl’s
– $100 to Best Buy
– DDR Max Playstation 2 game
– Mambo gift set
– fire extinguisher

And there is still more to come!!!!

Here is my favorite gift of all, I think:

Christmas is fun. And yes, I know, my hair is not cute at all in that picture. And I look fat. Holy crap, maybe I should take it down.

Alrighty then. Chris has fallen asleep and Aidan has the run of the house and a bad attitude. Later gators!

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