Firewall issues. That’s what was keeping AIM and AOL from working. Right now I have no firewall, but I’ll put it back on to see if I get kicked out again in a second. WEIRD.

Good things about Thursday, May 31, 2005:
– I got to talk to Rob AND he came over and brought dinner. ROB IS AWESOME! I <3 my brother!
– Had breakfast with LaToya. Good times.
– Sunshine!
– One of my co-workers brought in his 4-month old triplets. What adorable and sweet little girls they are!!!
– Aidan took a long nap and was totally mellow all evening. Yes, I’m going to love summer, when he can play outside all day and get worn out. :D
– I GOT CHOCODILES FROM AIMZY hunan omgLOLwows0rZ!!1111oneone. And yes, they are soo yummy–all I’ve dreamed of. I ate one and put the others in the freezer. Mmm. It’s like a Hoho and a Twinkie all in one. Yummmmmm.

Slightly irritating things about Thursday, May 31, 2005:
– It wasn’t Friday yet.
– AIM and AOL woes.
– I forgot to do Yoga.

(Firewall is back on. So far, so good.)

Wednesday was a beautiful day. The weather was glorious. I love driving when the weather is nice. Craig had dinner with the fam at Bon Vie. Yummmmy food. So unbelievably yummy. Picked up another one of those Western shirts that are on sale at Aeropostale. They’re all so cute and they all look so good on me. ;)

Sent off a few surprises in the mail today. I still have so many I want to do, though!

Went down to NAA at work today to pick up a few things and get some water. There was a Lancome table there. The ladies went crazy trying makeups on me–they kept telling me how much they liked my complexion. I got a lot of compliments. :)

Question of the day: Will Georgia Nicolson ever grow up? I am halfway done with “Away Laughing On A Fast Camel” and I must admit, the book has me cracking up. But for some reason, I thought she was still 14 because of how she acts instead of 16. I know she aged, but for some reason, I thought she was perpetually 14 just like how the girls in The Babysitter’s Club books are perpetually 13. It’s so weird–those books (The BSC ones) came out in 1986 or something. I was 12 they were all 12. We all turned 13 together. Then they kept staying 13. That is just bizarro.

I need to play Boggle, finish my Chocodile ( heehee, Aimzy!) and go to bed.

I’m so glad the weekend is almost here!!!!!!!!

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