I did what I said I wasn’t going to do.

I slept all day today.

In all fairness, I did stay up until after 5am. And there wasn’t anything that I really needed to do, so yeah. :) I would have gone shopping and spent money I didn’t have otherwise so it’s probably best that I stayed in bed all day.

It’s a beautiful day outside, though. And Christy’s party starts soon, so I have to get ready for that.

Had fun at Tyler’s last night, just like I’d anticipated. I made dinner–we had spaghetti. No burnt noodles this time thanks to my pasta fork and my bigger pot! :) It was pretty yummy if I do say so myself. Tyler bought that cake again and this time I got a piece AND the cherry! :) We watched Mean Girls. Funny movie. They really need to do something about the school buses in that town…

Brian P, Becky, Rob, Josh, Emily, and I were there. Loads of fun. Poor Tyler was at the mercy of three, yes THREE women when the other boys left. Becky had a wonderful time tormenting him. I had fun too, but I didn’t torment him as much. It’s fun to make him scream!

Some of my favorite parts of the evening:
– The online quizzes.
– Making Tyler scream!
– Learning and sharing SECRETS, even embarrassing ones!
– Looking at music, pictures, and videos with Emily.
– Emily pretending to be me and ‘molesting’ Becky through AIM.

I downloaded tons more music from http://music.download.com. Seriously, you guys need to check it out. I got some stuff from The Postal Service, Coheed and Cambria, and American Hi-Fi for FREE. FREE, I tell ya. FREE!!! And it’s all legal. :) So go and get some music. Make your iPods as happy as mine will be tonight after I load all these goodies on there! :)

I also went to my favorite pay-to-download site (10 cents each) and downloaded some Frou Frou. <3 Music.

My friend David is here. He’s updating his xanga while I update my Live Journal. We’re such nerds! :)

‘Til later!

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