I am tempted to take off a couple of hours early today. I’m going to ask my boss(es) if I can leave at two instead of four. It’s so beautiful outside, and I just want to relax, run a few errands. Enjoy my last few non-mommy days. :) Work is easy-peasy today, so I won’t get behind.

Had fun at Chad & Christy’s last night again. Craig and Steve came over and Katie was there too. We ate steaks and quesadillas and corn on the cob. Yummmm. Ha, apparently, EVERYONE in the Reynoldsburg/Pataskala/Blacklick area decided to cook out. Rumor has it that Meijer was out of:

– almost all meats
– propane
– prepared salads

Chris and Craig and Steve went back to our house to get the propane off of our grill. I kind of destroyed our grill. I hope they can fix it… but probably not. Chris is okay with that because he wants a new big fancy one. I think we need a patio or something before we do that, though.

We’re getting air conditioning soon. It will be awesome when I throw parties but it will suck all the other times because Chris likes it so bloody cold…

Steve is hilarious. He can tell some stories, let me tell you.

I want to go to the zoo before too long. I want to see the giraffes. Rob?

This morning, I woke up kind of tired but okay. I got ready and left early. Then I hit traffic. There were 4490584905894038 cars out there and they were all slugging along. By the time I got to work, I was drained. My boss was teasing me. Meh.

MANDATORY TO DO – week of April 11, 2005
– buy stamps
– go to library
– shop :)
– put away clean laundry

OPTIONAL TO DO – week of April 11, 2005
– load pictures on to computer
– organize photographs for scrapbook
– work on query letter(s)
– send packages

So, I guess a group of us is going to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee during Memorial Day weekend. An eclectic bunch of people it will be, but quite fun. I’m excited and nervous about this trip!

I will be quite the traveller next month. Florida for nine days, then a little break, then Tennessee. Good times, huh? Lots of photo opportunities, I’m sure.

Okay then, ’til later.

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