So yeah. WHY did I see this outside when I looked out the window this morning?

I mean, this is really depressing. It’s the end of April! THE END OF APRIL. And it’s snowing. I mean snowing like a mofo. It’s still coming down out there. I mean, it may as well be December or January for all the weather cares that it’s SPRING, hello! :(

I had an incident. My windshield wiper decided to stop working again. I had to go to a gas station and pay way too much for a pair of pliers so I could tighten that bolt. Otherwise, I may have never made it home safely.

Now, the pliers reside in my car permanently.

Saw a movie with Rob, Josh, and Tyler last night. Sahara. WEIRD movie. Matthew M. though–totally HOT. Mmmmm. But the movie itself… meh.

Before the movie, I got to have dinner with Aabye-Gayle and her catepillar David. It was exciting because Aabye is from New York City and this was her first trip to Ohio. :)

Aren’t they so cute together?

Here is a picture of me and Becky from Friday night. I should have taken more pictures. There was an interesting situation involving Rob, Tyler, excessive movement, screaming, the almost lost footing of the recliner, and the near breaking of the lamp. I wish I’d had my camera out for that!!!

We are pretty.

Chris just put Saw in the DVD player. I have NO interest in watching that. So I’m going to go and head upstairs. I can’t believe the weekend is over already. The weeks go sooo slow, and then the weekends SPEED by. NO FAIR. :( I don’t get enough time to hang with my friends. Especially with Tyler, since he’s moving away in a few months. Punk.

Ate at Cosi today. I was not impressed. Panera is nine million times better. And a lot less expensive, too.

My schedule for this week:
Tuesday: Chiro, then Bark at meeting Panera with Jenny E and Christie M
Wednesday: Drama Meeting (my house)
Thursday: Hopefully hang out with Rob
Friday: Hopefully hang out with the usual crew (Rob, Tyler, Becky, etc.)

In the words of the cutest girl on Live Journal Kassie (sleightofhandx): That is all.

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