So, now comes the hard part. Aidan was SOOO good all evening, and Chris just put him to bed. He’s crying for Daddy. :( I don’t want him to cry, but I also don’t want to make a habit of getting him every night when he’s crying instead of sleeping. Especially since he’d been going down just fine before. *sigh*

I was having a semi-bad day. Actually, it was a rollercoaster day. The cats were acting stupid at 5am (-), traffic was bad on too many levels (-), I got yelled at (-), it RAINED (-), I was late to my meeting (-), Aidan was poopy (-), there were no diapers in the diaper bag (-). But, I ate McDonalds for lunch (+), Rob called (+), Aimzy texted me (+), I had PANERA for dinner (+), I got to see Christie M and Jenny E (+), Aidan was fun and cute (+), and I saw THIS:

Awesome, huh? You know how it’s raining and you can see sun in the distance–and you entertain the thought of seeing a rainbow without actually expecting it? Jenny saw it and pointed it out–the picture does not do it justice. It was beautiful and actually a double bow. If you look closely at the picture (off to the right), you can see a fainter rainbow above the bright one. :) (++)

If I were to grade today, it would be a C+.

Oh no, now he’s calling for me. How can I resist that????

Whew. Chris is in there cuddling with him. :) Now all is well.

And just for a bit of stupid trivia–I want a new guitar. One with lower action. Although I have a friend who says he can lower it for me on my Fender–I’ll talk to him before I consider selling it. If he can lower the action, I’ll be more inclined to play because it won’t hurt as much! :) If not, I’ll maybe sell mine–it’s a Fender DG-8. I’d also like a lighter guitar–mine is pretty heavy.

Meh, we’ll see. That’s something that’s on the VERY tippy-tip of my brain right now.

And what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?

– More rain? (God, I hope not).
– Work. (Meh)
– Writing & research. (YEA!)
– Drama Club meeting. :)

Off to a bath, then relaxation for me. I’m reading The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. WHY haven’t I read this before? WOW, it’s hilarious!! I love her style of writing. I picked it up at the library on a whim yesterday and I’m glad I did! :) I’ll probably reserve all the rest of them and plow through them within weeks. WOOHOO! I heart reading!


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