Mmyeah, it’s overdue.

Random pictures from the past few weeks/days/hours/whatever.

Cattails at the park.

A cute little bunch of clovers.

Pretty lily.

My shadow.

The Happy Hands Club: Abbie, Candace, Laura, Monica & Joe.

Smiling Monica.

Craig pretended to be pregnant to get out of helping with the crown moulding and chair railing.

Mark, skipping stones.

Me, looking at the water.

Mark, throwing rocks and possibly trying to hit that stump in the distance.

Rob, Tyler, & Mark throwing rocks. What is it with boys and throwing rocks, anyhow?

The boys in shadow. I took this without the flash. I kind of like it.

Weird picture of me and Rob.

A flower that’s growing in our yard. :)

And that, my folks, is all.

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