I got the first assignment returned from Lauren (laurenbarnholdt). I am excited by her suggestions and looking forward to revising. Yes, I really am! Revising is the most fun part for me! :)

It really is good to get other opinions and critiques–they always think of things that can really help the novel along. I’ve learned to have an open mind.

That little insecure me wants to poke her little head up and fight it, though. I hear the little voice saying: “you’re really not that good. look at all the work you have to do.”

So I say to the mean little me:

BE QUIET. I’m going to make this book shine and I’m going to get published so poop on you!

And all is well again.

First drafts are never perfect.
I now have a lot to go on.
I KNOW I’m a good writer.
I just have to stop thinking that I need to have everything perfect on the first go round.

And… I am not going for a 100,000 word novel with this one. 65,000 or so probably. :D I think that will take the pressure off and get them cranked out more quickly. I don’t want to compromise the quality of the writing, though.

Ooh, I’m so excited. I want to go home and work on stuff NOW!!!

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