Month: August 2005

…And It Was Amazing (Pictures)

A few weeks ago, I’d received an invitation to the Luchtenberg’s Golden Anniversary party. I immediately decided that anything that may have been planned that day was to be scrapped–there was no way I was missing this celebration.

The Luchtenbergs had been a part of my life since 1997. I was roommates with their son Dave, and I frequently ate dinner at his parent’s house. Patty’s Cooking. Best.Meals.Ever. She could totally trademark her food.

After he broke up with his girlfriend (who was also a roommate of mine), I kind of fell out of touch with Dave. You know, you drift away, live your lives, etc.

Well, God certainly had plans to reconnect me with them.

Years later, Chris and I started attending Heritage. I remember, during the Christmas program, a family came up to give a testimony. The girl had glasses and long blonde hair and said she was not happy about moving to Ohio. The following weeks, I’d see her, worshipping her heart out, and pray that she and I would become friends. God answered that prayer with a YES, and I later found out that this girl–Katie–was their granddaughter!

It doesn’t end there. We’d met up again with the Luchtenberg’s for some spiritual counseling in 2003. Chris showed me the card, and the name rang a bell with me. “I know them,” I’d said. “They’re Dave Luchtenberg’s parents. I used to go there for dinner.” Memories came rushing back to me as soon as we went to their house, and it was an amazing reunion. I’d begun to remember other family members; people I’d seen around church and thought they looked familiar but couldn’t exactly place them.

So now, there were at least three connections.

One night after church (we used to go to the Saturday service back then), Katie’s aunt Nancy came up to me and asked if the name Vera rang a bell. I had to think for a minute and the first thought was “!!” Yes, that rang a bell. She and I had posted together on Dodo’s message board a long time ago, and we were sister domains at one point. Then I remembered that she’d emailed me a few months prior and mentioned that her boyfriend’s family went to my church and perhaps I knew them.

Guess who her boyfriend is related to?


He’s her brother.

Oh yes, I knew her boyfriend’s family. Very much so. :)

So tonight was the party. The first incredible thing that happened was when Chris and I walked up to the driveway. I saw this gorgeous Asian girl and smiled at her. She smiled back and then said “Ronni?” I said “Yes,” and she said “I’m Vera!” HUGE hugs all around! Her boyfriend was gobsmacked the entire night about how Vera and I had met randomly on a message board then met in real life, unexpectedly, tonight. It was a very good surprise.

She said she’d recognized me from all the pictures I post on my website(s). I wonder if anyone else around town ever sees me and looks twice, wondering if I’m that girl from That would be kind of neat, huh?

The second incredible thing was seeing how this family appreciated and loved their parents so much. Dick and Patty raised eight children and created a legacy that touches more people than they could ever realize. Their grandchildren are amazing musicians. Their family is wonderful. I felt like a part of them when I was there and was loathe to leave. The amount of LOVE there was overwhelming. It had been a long time since I’d felt that.

They sang two songs that they’d written. One of them was about the day of the life of the Luchtenberg Family Tree. It was hilarious!! It totally reminded me of a Brady Bunch type thing. Then they sang one called Legacy which was awesome. The children all sang, and the grandchildren played. It was beautiful and made me cry (just a little bit!) Pastor Jim arrived late, so they did an encore just for him. :)

Aidan connected with a cute little girl named Alex. They even danced together! :) It was adorable. Chris said “Hey, if they get married, we’ll be a part of their family after all!” :)

Oh yeah, I promised you pictures. Okay…here goes.

Me, waiting in the car for Chris to get the directions.

Me again, still waiting.

The guests of honour – Dick and Patty. :)

I thought her face was super adorable here!!

It’s me and Vera!!!

David and me. I wonder if I can dig up some pictures of us from the college days….
NOTICE how my hair is losing more curl in each picture? HAH!

Tonight was really, really good. :D God is good. :) Amen.

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I’m An Aunt + Other Stuff! (Pictures)

I’m an aunt!!! I’ve never been an aunt before. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had their baby girl today. Jamie Elizabeth is the first girl born into the Davis family in decades! Much rejoicing is to be done!

Welcome, baby Jamie!!!

Had another good day at work. It’s WEIRD to actually enjoy my job. I know I’ve only worked there for two days, but to see people so passionate about something that I am passionate about–the synergy in the group… it’s amazing. I pray it only gets better.

There is SO MUCH that goes into making a text book. It’s overwhelming. I’m learning so much every day. It’s so nice to feel like part of a team, instead of just the “go to” person for all the grunt work. We have a break room with hot water, tea and cocoa, a fridge, and a neat little machine that makes water and ice. There is candy all over the place (which is BAD for me!). I drink a LOT of water these days. It’s so easy to go and refill it. And it’s really good for me, right?

Proofreading is a lot harder than it seems. But I enjoy it immensely. Isn’t that crazy? Looking for mistakes? How is that fun? But it is for me.

I just can’t believe I got this job! I pray it continues to be wonderful for me.

Here is the building where I work. It’s not the best angle, I’ll try to get a better one soon.


The other day, I was outside. Chris had just watered the plants and I noticed some droplets clinging to one of the leaves of the lamb’s ear. I had to capture it:

I have lots of email to answer. I’ll have to make time to answer it soon, huh? I am also behind on phone calls. I need to start making lists again:

To Do:
– emails
– phone calls
– sort out boxes from NW
– clean out closet
– 10 pages
– critique Renee’s (laverick) pages
– memorize my lines for “Strange Love.”

Mmm. Chores. Gotta love it.

There is a cricket living in our garage! When I go out in the morning to go to work, I hear it chirping and echoing. So cute! :)

Ate Friendly’s tonight. It had been a while since I’d been there. YUMMY! I had a chocolate ice cream soda. Delicious. My stomach wasn’t too happy with me afterwards, but my MOUTH was!!!!

Okay then. I should head to bed soon.

Good night!

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First Day as a Non-Secretary

McGraw-Hill is already proving to be a different world from Nationwide. Firstly, the team is so much more laid-back and close-knit. We all had lunch together today! I guess this is a normal thing? Everyday at 11:30ish? So cool. I’m so used to eating lunch alone, and here, on my first day, I sat with a huge group of people.

The job seems okay so far. I didn’t do a lot today of course. There was orientation. We watched a video and went on a tour. The ID machine was broken, so I don’t have an ID yet. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. My computer was already set up–email and everything ready to go. I started ATTEMPTING to make some tracking/logging sheets. It was a bit scary. I’ll try again tomorrow. :)

I have a chapter to practice proofing on and some books to read. Should be plenty to keep me busy tomorrow.

The drive in wasn’t too bad, except for the rain and my broken windshield wiper. I fixed it for the drive home, though. I was home a little bit after five, and that was even with getting Aidan from Johnstown today. Record time. Hooray for back roads that aren’t used a lot (yet).

Today was good. The best part was NOT being a secretary anymore. And meeting all the people, and seeing Abbie and NOT FREEZING TO DEATH AT MY DESK. Oh, and the chocolate all over the place. Twix and M&Ms and lots of other yummy things. Heehee.

I’m excited to go back tomorrow.

‘Til Later!

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I LOVE the Ohio State Fair!! (Pictures)

I had such an amazing time at the Fair today! We didn’t get there ’til really late. It was hot and crowded. Not horribly, though. Heh. Bob, Chris, Aidan and I got there first. They parked us with the campers which I thought was really weird, but whatever. After a few failed attempts, we finally made our way into the fair. We went in through a side entrance and totally could have gotten away with not paying–had we not pre-bought our tickets at Kroger! HAHA. Irony, such a funny thing, eh?

So we got something to drink and floated through the Commercial building. It was crowded but air-conditioned at least. Then Aidan got really mad and hungry so we left to get him some food. Craig called while we were at the stand, saying he’d arrived with Theresa and Tom. They met us there. And we went on from there. :)

We ate and rode and laughed and got rained on. Total blast. :D

You guys will be so proud of me. Remember the video of the crazy ride from a couple of entries ago? I GOT ON IT TODAY! Yes, I rode the Power Surge. Craig paid for me, Bob, and Tom to ride it, so we did.


Seriously, it kicked some serious bootay. It was just… so random. Lots of flipping and turning and you really have no idea where you’re going or anything. It was fantastic!!! I was very mildly dizzy when I got off, and I was over it in about 15 seconds.

I guess after Mission Space (at Disneyworld), these rides are nothing, hahaha.

Bob and I also rode the Orbiter and the Scrambler. The Scrambler is the longest ride evarrrrr. Totally awesome. I am so glad I have a friend who will ride all those crazy twisty-turny rides with me. Tina didn’t show up, so I was so happy when Bob was willing to join me, yay. Next year, he and I are getting the wristbands and going ride crazy. THAT will be sweeeet.

I have tons of pictures and some video too, so I guess I should go ahead and get to ’em, huh? :)

Bob and me on The Orbiter!!! WOOHOO!!!


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