Month: August 2005

It’s Saturday! (Pictures)

Saturday at last. I must be getting spoiled by the AC because it’s bloody hot outside. Chris mentioned going to the zoo, but there is no way I could handle too much of the heat. Ack. No fun at all. We’re purposely going to the Fair in the evening to avoid much of the hotness. A huge group of us are heading out there. I’m looking forward to it, especially since Tina is going. She’s the only one who’ll ride all those crazy twisty rides with me so YAY.

I noticed a lack of Tilt-A-Whirl and Scrambler when I was there last week. I’m hoping it was merely an oversight on my part. I mean, a Fair with no Scrambler and Tilt-A-Whirl? What the hell?

Anyway, here are a few pictures I took today with my new camera. :) YAY!

Me, using the “Portrait” setting. :)

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Every New Beginning Is Some Other Beginning’s End (Pictures)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I haven’t had the time/heart/energy to write anything here in a while. But I’m back, for a bit at least.

Last week, I said goodbye to Tyler as he headed off to Denver. Then Chris and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. He let me choose. He sent me this paper called “The Princess Package,” and let me choose the place to eat and other activities. We ate dinner at The Melting Pot. It was good, but the dessert was heavenly. Cookies and cream chocolate fondue with marshmallow. All sorts of goodies to dip in. I want more NOW!


After dinner, I spent the evening in Barnes and Noble. Mmmm. Grabbed the latest Sophie Kinsella book, a 2006 planner, and a Yoga book. I LOVE that store so much and their discount card too! :)

Quote(s) of the Week:
“I’ll just go back on steroids!”
“What does he think I am, his little bitch?”

Tuesday was the Wildwood Arts Fest (Grove talent show). It was fantastic. Lots of singing, funnies, stories, photos. The best part was Aidan, I must admit. He was so cute, dancing and laughing and stealing the shows. Great times, man. Great times. :) And as usual, it was great seeing my friends. Happy Birthday to Monica (bluemo84), she is 21 now HEY!!

Saw a couple having a heated fight in the parking lot of Applebees. It was intense. I felt sorry for the girl, she was pregnant and emotional and crying. The guy was floundering, didn’t know what to do b/c she was so angry. I wanted to take him and tell him “Just nod and say ‘You’re right. It’ll all be okay.'” Heh.

Today was my last day at Nationwide. It was a bit bittersweet. I turned in my badge and desk keys and my parking transponder. I took one last sweep around my desk and hoped I didn’t leave anything. I cleaned out my computer and turned off all the lights and realized I wouldn’t be coming back. Yesterday I’d taken all my stuff down to the car. I’d managed to smash everything into two boxes and a bag.

My team gave me a $150 gift card to Best Buy, so I put it towards the purchase of this:

Oh yes. I am quite happy. :) I can add lenses to it (YAY) and do loads of other stuff. I can’t wait to take it to Disneyland!!! ºOº

They also got me a $50 gift certificate to Scrapbook Groupies. OH YEAH, baby!!!!!! More scrapbooking goodies. Now if only I’d get to work on an actual book… I think my Disney ones are next.

Yesterday, the team took me out to Max & Erma’s for lunch. I am addicted to their BBQ Bacon burgers. I mean YUM.

We got this new bacon, Maple Cured or something. It is the best bacon I’ve ever tasted and it makes the house smell like pancakes. It’s amazing. I have been on a super duper bacon kick lately.

Ack. So many goodbyes. One friend moved to Denver, one to New York. I said goodbye to a lot of people at work today. So many hugs. One of the admins totally cried. I didn’t get to hug everyone that I wanted to. Stupid meetings. It’s kind of weird, saying goodbye. I took those people’s presence in my life for granted and now I am leaving. I choked up a bit today, but I didn’t cry.

It’s very draining to say goodbye and I don’t doubt that was part of the reason I’ve been so tired lately. But now it’s time to move on. I start my new job Monday. Abbie emailed me and told me that they set up my computer today!!!!! EEEK! This is REAL!!! I’m an EDITOR!! YAY!

I went to the Fair last Saturday and it was so much fun. I ate a Philly Cheesesteak, french fries, corn, and a deep fried Twinkie. Yummy!!! I’m thinking that might have to be the plan tomorrow. A bunch of us are supposed to be going around 4ish or so. I rode this crazy thing called the Orbiter. It was sweet and I only got a little dizzy on it. It was totally worth it. I hope some of the people we’re with tomorrow are willing to go on those crazy rides with me. It’s more fun when you have someone to share it with.

You guys have to check out these two videos I took at the Fair, though:

Aidan On The BIG Slide: Click (4 megabyte download)
CRAZY RIDE (Power Surge): Click (12 megabyte download)
(For those of you who download and watch the 2nd video, which of you would or has ridden a ride like that? What was it like?)

I am pretty sure I’m going to the Fair again tomorrow. Anyone interested in joining me? Hit me up. You know where to find me.

Anyway, I’m sure you guys are more interested in the pictures (teehee), so here you go:

Here I am at the Fair with a Fisher Price Rescue Hero

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First Assignment Returned!

I got the first assignment returned from Lauren (laurenbarnholdt). I am excited by her suggestions and looking forward to revising. Yes, I really am! Revising is the most fun part for me! :)

It really is good to get other opinions and critiques–they always think of things that can really help the novel along. I’ve learned to have an open mind.

That little insecure me wants to poke her little head up and fight it, though. I hear the little voice saying: “you’re really not that good. look at all the work you have to do.”

So I say to the mean little me:

BE QUIET. I’m going to make this book shine and I’m going to get published so poop on you!

And all is well again.

First drafts are never perfect.
I now have a lot to go on.
I KNOW I’m a good writer.
I just have to stop thinking that I need to have everything perfect on the first go round.

And… I am not going for a 100,000 word novel with this one. 65,000 or so probably. :D I think that will take the pressure off and get them cranked out more quickly. I don’t want to compromise the quality of the writing, though.

Ooh, I’m so excited. I want to go home and work on stuff NOW!!!

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Hi & Stuff.

Today was Harry Potter mail day!

Firstly, I got a WAND! From Alivan’s! Yes, I have a genuine wand and it’s so sweet. I’ve been swishing and flicking and trying to produce a Patronus, but with no such luck.

It was a present from Chris as congratulations on my new job.

Secondly, Ivy (swankivy) sent me a Ravenclaw badge and a Harry Potter pencil. THANKS IVY! :D Harry Potter rules. Hahaha.

Had an okay weekend. I did get to talk to Amy (liesandpromises) and Helen (pixiedash) a lot which is always good. We had the worst fly infestation ever, though. Ew. I think they started in one of Aidan’s old diapers. GROSS. At any rate, it was horrible. We probably had at least 50+ flies in our house this weekend, and ew. I just don’t want to think about it anymore. I think we got it all taken care of and it’s good now. No more buzzing in our house.

Friday night, I hung out at Rob’s with his brother and his friend from school named Brad. Josh S bought us all pizza. Yummm. We watched Boondock Saints again. I LOVE that movie and I must own. I mean, come on. Hot Irish guys with sexy accents, liberal usage of the word FUCK and lots of guns and violence. What’s not to love?

Quote of the night: “Hey bitches, come get some pizza.” – Josh S.

Seriously, it’s a wonderful movie and I am going to buy it soon. Probably the same time I buy Hitch and Meet the Fockers. All movies I’ve seen with Rob. Hmmm, interesting coincidence, eh?

Hmm. I destroyed the side of the SUV (whoops) on Saturday. Hung out with Chad for a bit and Christy yesterday. Church was neat, I got to see people I hadn’t seen in a while like Kim and Katie P. :) Oooh, ooh, and Jon C gave me a kiss on the cheek. *swoons* I got a nice big hug from Joshua A too. He makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :) Besides, PJ was back and it was SO GOOD to hear him speak again. Even though he spoke at The Grove last Tuesday too.

After church, I went to a baby shower for a good friend from college and saw some people I hadn’t seen in YEARS. It was awesome, strolling down memory lane. Boy were we some drama-addicts even back then. Haha. Good times, though. I’ll try to post pics later.

I went to the park yesterday and took pictures. Tried to relax and let God talk to me, ya know? I saw some fascinating plants and bugs. I watched the ants working in this huge old tree and it was amazing how organized they were. I enjoyed my time there. Don’t know if I’ll be going back. The ranger caught me speeding as I was leaving and tried to chase me. I’d gotten out before he could get me, though. Oops.

I’ll go to a different park next time. :)

My writing course has begun and I like it already! Wheee!

I just finished a book called Perfect by Natalie Friend. It’s mindblowing. I mean, she captures the teen voice perfectly. I can’t describe it any other way. I sent her an email telling her how much I loved the book and asking if she was planning on writing more. The only thing is that it might be a trigger for those with eating disorders. Otherwise, it was good. Very good. I recommend it highly.

Perfect was kind of serious, so switching gears to the latest Georgia Nicholson was hard! It still is. She is still as silly and immature as ever. I’m sure I’ll get into it okay once my mind switches over. I’ve been reading so much YA Fiction lately that I’m having a hard time differentiating between books. I guess I should do less reading and more writing, eh?

Speaking of, I finished two other books this past weekend. Royally Jacked, and Spin Control. Both of them were great, very funny, and nicely written. Had a fun and real voice. I’m looking forward to Niki’s next book as well. :D In fact, I’m wanting to read ALL the books with those fun covers!!

Oh my, I need to really get to writing so MY book can be on amazon with one of those fun covers!! :D

Mmmm. LOVE reading YA Chicklit. It’s gooooood stuff.

I am bloody freezing. Excuse me while I turn off the ceiling fan.

Okay, much better. Had to get a blanky too.

Time to go start dinner. Later, dudes and dudettes and stuff.

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