I had a crap, crap, CRAPPY day.

Sort of.

It started when I realized I’d lost my wallet. Then I was constipated. Then I couldn’t sleep. And broadband was down.

I woke up, and thankfully the constipation was over. (HAHA, TMI, anyone??)

I checked my email. I’m still pissed about one I got, but this person is no longer in my life (good riddance) so I know I’ll be able to shrug this off pretty soon. In the meantime, he can live with his delusion of his perfection. I don’t have to deal with it, or him anymore and this is a GOOD THING.

I have friends who are amazing. I can’t thank them enough for talking me through today as challenge after challenge popped up. Kelle Belle (itskels), Helen (pixiedash), Jen (hardlywait), Aimzy (verytruly), Star (selfstyled), Mr. Matt (mr_matt42), and Jennifoo (maids), thank you sooooo very much. *feels loved* <3 AND I FOUND MY WALLET!!! It was in the church parking lot. Everything was in it. All my cash, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards. It had apparently fallen out of my car. It was lying there, on the dirty ground that was the same color as the wallet. To anyone not looking, it appeared to be a pile of leaves or something. As soon as I spotted the lump, I ran, my heart hopeful. Then my heart swelled as my wallet lay there, apparently untouched. Rosa (dwagonfry), thank you vair vair much for your offer to get me another wallet! :) I might have to have you pick me up a couple of cool Mickey Mouse Club things. Let me know what’s there so I can send you on a shopping spree for me! ;)

Praise God I got my wallet!

Work was tough. I had so much to do, I couldn’t figure out half the stuff I was supposed to do, and I had meetings to boot. I ended up leaving late. Tomorrow shouldn’t be as bad, but Friday will be a nightmare. Thank God I am going to lunch with Kelle Belle (itskels). That will help so much.

I talked to Bizzy on the phone for a long time tonight and I hope to see her tomorrow. That was nice and helped cheer me up. Then I got home and Chris had made that YUMMILICIOUS chili for dinner. Mmmm. That hit the spot.

Now, we’re going to Best Buy (YAY) and life group. I’d rather sit here and play on my computer all night, but duty calls. And I never mind Best Buy. ‘Til later….

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