OMG. Chris just made popcorn. I don’t like to eat it, but I LOVE to smell it. HOLY COW does it smell yummy in my house now.

He and Aidan are watching a movie together. Aww, cute.

I’m just in heaven, smelling that. You have no idea. Popcorn is one of my most favorite smells.

Today at work, someone brought in the yummiest, messiest cupcakes ever. Chocolate, with whipped cream topping and toffee. They were oogy gooey and OH SO GOOD.

Anyway, the POINT of this entry was to post pictures from last night (life group) and today:

Creepy autumn night. Would have been perfect for Halloween.

My Boondock Saints T-shirt.


Theresa making a face at me. :O

I was tired last night.

Mums growing outside at work. Pretty, huh?

I need to eat. Byeeee!

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