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Today, Bizzy, Chris, Aidan and I went to The Dawes Arboretum and Black Hand Gorge. We got some great pictures and had a LOT of fun. I heart Bizzy.

I had a good day. Aidan dressed himself and came into our room saying “I very very cute.” Indeed he was. :)

There was church. It was the celebration service. :) The choir was good. The message was good. I had a backache and slight cramps and I was STARVING for some reason, so I wasn’t enjoying it so much by the end. We hooked up with Bizzy, took her to lunch, and then we went to The Dawes Arboretum and Black Hand Gorge. What beautiful places. I used to get so annoyed when Chris wanted to go to those places back in the day, but now that I’m into photography, I love going. Bizzy is super fun to hang with, too. We had a BLAST. Especially singing the BOOTIE song. WOOHOO. :D I always enjoy having quality time with Bizzy and today was especially good. <3 You can see more pictures here: CLICK!

Yesterday was good too. Aidan and I didn’t get up until 11am! That was amazing. The cable guy came and installed cable for us and then Aidan and I headed to my counseling appointment. My counselor was very good with Aidan and she took us to Goodale Park. That is a beautiful park and I can’t believe I’ve never indulged in that place before. It’s very pretty and Aidan had a blast on the swings. She also bought us treats (I need to locate mine!) and it was good. After counseling, Aidan and I went to In His Presence, a Christian bookstore, so I could pick up another copy of The Ragamuffin Gospel. I had a copy but I lent it to Jon and Bizzy’s mom over a year ago and honestly, I don’t want to ask for it back. Meaning–I don’t mind if she keeps it because she’s so sweet to me. :)

After that, Aidan and I went home. We hung out for a bit, I finished reading Lust by Robin Wasserman. I am eagerly looking forward to the other six books in her Seven Deadly Sins series!! Apparently this author has been around for ages–why have I never heard of her before? I’m not usually a fan of third-person point-of-view stories, but she is one of the authors who does it well.

She is an inspiration to me and there are characters running rampant in my head, dying for their stories to be told. The trick is that they need to tell me what they want me to share, and show me how to do it well. I guess that’s where this crazy writing talent God gave me comes in. Right?

And holy banana, is it really already 11pm? :( *sniffle* My weekend is over already. At least I have tomorrow evening and Thursday evening free. Tuesday is The Grove, Wednesday is Life Group, and Friday is AIDAN DUTY for real yo.

I watched Cold Case again last night. Damn you, Cold Case, for making me cry even when I don’t give two ice creams about the characters for the first 45 minutes of the show. I was thrilled, however, to be able to watch Pimp My Ride, and Southpark again for the first time in MONTHS. :) Ahh, cable TV. I promise not to abuse thee, but I did enjoy indulging yesterday, that’s for sure.

Good night.

P.S. I want this. Now. LOL.

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