…why it’s so hard for me to get focused on my writing.

I have a family. An almost 3-year-old who “NEEDS” something every ten minutes, and a husband who has to read everything out loud instead of in his head. He just spent $250 on new hockey gear and read all the instructions and warnings to me, and outlined the steps he was taking to get it all set up. Now he’s scratching off a lottery ticket and reading all the numbers aloud.

Aidan is repeating them.

And the distractions. At least it wasn’t BeJeweled 2 tonight. Just message boards and weblogs pertaining to writing.

With that said, I did get something squeaked out before getting hit with a headache. So I’m going to TRY to go to bed. Insomnia will probably keep me up (along with those pesky characters–but hey, I gave her the beginning of a voice, so maybe she’ll leave me alone long enough for me to get some sleep!)

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!!

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