I had a wonderful day! :D YAY! Aidan woke me up, and he was being super cute. We had apple cinnamon muffins and crispy crowns for breakfast. Yummy! Then, Chris got home and that’s when I did my thing with the TVs and stuff. We headed to Best Buy, and the cable I needed was $24.99. I’d seen them on eBay for much cheaper, so decided to wait and get it from there. Well. I got to [the grove] and got to talking to Chad. He mentioned he had three extras and that I was welcome to one! So YAY. Video games, woo!

I got the best surprise ever!! Well, two surprises. I’ll only post one until I know it’s okay for me to spread the news about the other. So yeah… Monica (bluemo84) showed up tonight! I’d been missing her like crazy, and seeing her was like… amazing. Here we are, looking cute (well, except for my hair…):

Seeing Monica was seriously like a breath of fresh air, and then Bizzy showing up was even nicer. We all had dinner at Wendell’s Pub. Abbie used to work there. I had never been, but the food was so yummy. I had a great time, just talking and hanging out, and watching Chad Jr. give Ben a wet willy. So gross, yet so funny.

I wore my big sunglasses, and they totally made the rounds tonight. Awesome.

Here I am in my big sunglasses:

Here I am being artsy in my big sunglasses:

Here is Bizzy in my big sunglasses:

Chad in my big sunglasses:

Ben, Abbie, Chad Jr. and others tried on my big sunglasses as well. Good times.

Of course, I took pictures of other things too:

Here are Chris, Aidan, and Bill, all decked out for St. Patrick’s Day.
Two days late, but there you go. :D

Bizzy and Me.
Thank God I go to get my hair done on Tuesday!

Another reason I’m happy? Well, last night, I noticed that Miranda (my snail) wasn’t moving or anything. I asked Chris to keep an eye on her, to make sure she was still alive. Today, Chris said that he’d poked her and stuff and she didn’t move, so he thought she was dead. This morning, she had moved, but when we looked at her again, she was all sealed up in her shell. (Aquarium owners with snails–what does it mean when they hide in their shells like that?) I was really sad, thinking she might not be alive anymore. I’d grown pretty attached to her, and I loved watching her climb to the top of the tank, only to fall down again. We left her in the tank (Chris figured the shell would be good decoration?), and I glanced at the tank before we left today… MIRANDA WAS AT THE TOP! When I went to feed the fish before bed, she was alive and well, out of her shell, and looking for food. YAY for Miranda! :D

Other good things: Chris cleaned out the laundry room AND the garage yesterday. Two chores I’d been thinking I’d need to do one of these days, and they’re already done. So that’s three things done. Yippee.

Back to work tomorrow. Yup. I’m going to spend some time re-situating my cubicle, and then I’m going to prepare the 2006 ancillary tracking chart for New York fast files. Hopefully I’ll have some reprints to proof, and in my downtime, I’m going to practice proofing the chapter on Heat.

‘Til Next Time! :D

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