I love it when I FINALLY do things I’d been meaning to do. I feel so accomplished. For example, I’d been meaning, for MONTHS, to hook up all the electronics so that we wouldn’t have to move the TV unhook the DVD player, and then plug in the Playstation to play the Playstation 2.

Today, I noticed that Chris had unhooked the DVD player to play Playstation and didn’t put it back before he went to church, and Aidan was wanting to watch Danger Mouse. Instead of simply moving them back to their correct places (not that I could figure it out anyway), I got out the converter box and went to work. Now, the VCR, Playstation 2, and the DVD player are all hooked up. I have to run to Best Buy to get an “all out” converter, and once I do that, I can hook up the Super NES as well. YAY. Now I can watch videos, DVDs, play games, all that fun stuff without moving that heavy, dusty TV. It will only take the push of a button. Woo. In addition, I can pull out my dance tapes and get my butt back in shape. Yay.

I also finally scanned an important document for Chris. That also involved hooking up stuff–mainly putting my laptop upstairs and hooking it to periphials. But that’s done, yay.

I beat my March word count goal of 32,000 words! I got into the ZONE and kept writing and writing. I LOVE when that happens!!

Who did NOT see this coming?

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Alright. Off to the showers, then the stores. ‘Til next time. :D

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