March Goal

Zokutou word meter
32,635 / 32,000

Overall Goal

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
32,635 / 50,000


I also:

Got a smaller notebook for all of my WIP notes. It’s three subject with hard covers. So far, it’s very nice. I have a section for general notes, one for plot points, little things I need to add it, the calendar, setting details, things like that. The WORLD building, I guess. Another section for character information. Another one for specific scenes that need to be written. I’ve also gone through several magazines and cut out lots of info to use. Pictures of the MC’s bedroom. Clothing she likes. Quotes that are relevant to the story. Those will get taped into the notebook once I get my hands on some removable tape. I’m telling you, that stuff is the best.

I feel so productive! :)

I also realized why my word count goes up so slowly. It’s because I keep revising as I write. So I can write like 3,000 words but it doesn’t really make a difference when I delete 1000 words from a different time, you know?

I also think I have a title. But I’m still not sure yet, so for now, it will stay UNTITLED. :D

‘Til next time!

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