Saturday, I went into Gentle Wind to pick up some Nag Champa (I love that stuff) for some friends, and I decided to go ahead and get my aura read. The Auror was in, so I decided to go for it.

At first, I couldn’t really relax. She told me to put both my feet on the floor and take deep breaths. I had to put my hand on this machine, but she still had to let me do it twice before getting a clear reading. Then she gasped and said “it’s beautiful!”

My aura’s core color is white, which means: spiritual, enlightened, energy sensitive, transcendent. She told me I had a high vibration of energy, which means that a lot of people are attracted to me. But I try to protect myself by staying outside of my body. I’m not grounded. I live in another world most of the time.

It’s so true. I am very rarely HERE. I’m always in another world. Zoning out. Daydreaming. Forgetting where I am, and getting cranky and resentful when I’m forced to leave my other world and hit reality.

I have walls. To keep people from getting too close to me. Again, so true. I will pursue a friendship like crazy, but then I’ll run if they get too close or too clingy. If that person goes away, then I want him or her back ASAP.

I’m an empath, which means I’m very in tune to other people’s emotions and energy. She mentioned something about being perfectly happy, then for no reason, being upset or really low suddenly. She said to stop and ask “is this mine?” Because it might not be–I could simply be absorbing other’s energies–which would explain the protectiveness.

My aura is only at 40% because I’m holding so much back. I have such energy, I attract so many people, but I hold back to protect myself. I have to learn to protect myself in a healthier way.

My other colors are indigo and violet. Violet being another highly spiritual color. One of the energies showed a male presence–possibly a guardian watching over me, and being with me. How comforting is that?

The spiritual thing. I’m no stranger to hearing that. Many, many people have told me that I’m extremely spiritual. It may explain why I’m always floundering around. Soaking up many beliefs, trying to find the one in which I fit.

It was a very interesting time, and I learned a lot about myself. Or maybe I just realized it, even though it had always been there. :)

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