Okay, I know the weekend isn’t officially over, but I wanted to post anyway. Good times, man. Good times.

Friday night, Bob and Bizzy came over. We had pasta bake and watched Dazed and Confused and The Boondock Saints. But I didn’t finish BS because Ivy (swankivy) called! What fun that was. We are such dorks. The funny thing is that she’s one of my best friends and has been since 1998, but we don’t talk on the phone often at all. Most of our communication is long emails and IMs and Live Journal entries. So, actually talking to her was loads of fun, especially with the stories she had for me. Great times!!

Saturday, I woke up at 11am! And that wasn’t even on my own–Aidan came in and took off my face mask. Boy was it BRIGHT! Instant headache. It did fade for the most part, though. Headed down to New Concord for a wine-tasting, only I didn’t taste much wine. A storm blew in–violent but quick. I wasn’t scared! To give you some perspective–thunderstorms used to freak me the hell out. I mean, I’d have all out panic attacks where I’d curl into a ball, stuff my fingers in my ears, and practically cry. I’d be shaking uncontrollably. The more severe the storm, the worse the attack. But this one, I was wishing I could get outside and take some pictures. I did get a picture of the storm rolling in, though:


Came back here and took a nap with Aidan, then headed to the stores for some shopping. Went to Nordstrom to pick up my 7s. I got them in April, but in the tradition of expensive jeans, they were WAY too long, so I got them tailored. Now they fit perfecty. See, here’s the thing about 7s. The girl told me that once I bought a pair, I’d never want to go back to regular jeans. I thought “nah, I like my American Eagle jeans all right.” But she was right! All I want now are 7s. They fit perfectly. They’re as comfy as pajamas. And I look awesome in them. So of course I want more pairs, but they’re expensive. So I must refrain.

Anyway, I went to Gentle Wind (where I got my aura read and picked up the Nag Champa incense), and then headed to Target for laundry detergent and hangers. So now that I have that stuff, guess what’s on the agenda for today. Yup, laundry and hanging up, folding, and/or organization of clothing. So fun. NOT.

I still have to unpack from my trip out west! Then I get to finish packing for Chicago, but that will be a lot easier. I don’t plan on checking any bags. That’ll make things so much easier.

Anyway, I leave you with a couple more pictures:

Wet Rose
Wet rose in the yard after a rain

Mr. Aidan
Mr. Aidan. Three going on thirty. :)

Okay, now I’m mad. Chris KNEW I was planning on doing laundry today. I haven’t done it in ages and was way overdue. I am NEVER motivated to do laundry. SO WHY IN THE FRESH HELL DID HE PUT HIS CRAP IN THE MACHINE? He NEVER finishes–meaning that he leaves stuff in the dryer all the time. Grrrrrrrrrr. Like whoa. So tempted to take it out and put in on the floor. I mean, seriously. Grrrr.

ETA: Okay, okay, so he did my laundry too. *feels sheepish*

And Aidan is peeling the designs from his shirt for some reason. What is with boys this week?


‘Til next time!

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