So, I cleaned out my drawers today, and managed to free up two of them. I reorganized, and now I have an official sock drawer. Two drawers for pajamas (one for sets, one for separates and long-sleeved winter stuff), a drawer for tank tops, and a drawer for tee-shirts.

I packed away a LOT of stuff. Things I don’t wear anymore, or things that are worn out, or things that are simply not in season. Let me tell you how awesome it was to get rid of the 38D bras I wore when I was pregnant! And the big granny panties, ugh. Good riddance to those. And yes, I know I was pregnant like 3.5 years ago. I’m sometimes slow when it comes to getting rid of things!!!!

Laundry is still being done, so there is room left in the drawers for the stuff that’s being cleaned right now. How exciting!

I hung up clothes, I cleaned my room… I even thoroughly vaccummed (and when I say thoroughly, I mean used the attachments and everything). I even went to Meijer and Target and bought things to put all those clothes in!

So now I must reward myself… hmmm…. with food, preferably. :)

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