I just watched Aidan take a cup with a tiny bit of pop in it and dump it all over a desk. I ran over and turned off the computer and told him he needed to clean it up or he wouldn’t get to play games. He started crying, and he really was sorry–he said he dumped it out because it was “old” and that he was sorry. I gently explained to him that if there is something old, he needs to dump it into the sink, not on a desk!

Since he genuinely didn’t know, I let him play games again. I really did think he was being naughty when I saw him do that, though.

In other news, last week, I was offered a copyeditor job at Zaner-Bloser, and I accepted. I start the week after next. I’m really excited, because that means a LOT more proofreading and live/dead checks. I LOVE that stuff. :) It’s also a bit more money. So, yay! :D

Thursday and Friday, either I had a cold or allergies that were kicking my behind. I was miserable! Sore throat, weak, fatigued. I slept and slept and slept. All better now, though. :)

Spent the weekend in Illinois. Friday and Saturday were in Peru-LaSalle to attend a wedding. “Interesting” ceremony. It was great seeing my cousins. I adore those people. Open bar at the reception. I had a Long Island and the most lovely frozen amaretto sour. I was happy. Saturday night, headed up to my favorite city in the world. Woke up Sunday morning at the insanely early hour of 7am CST, finished reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Got to hang out with adamselzer a bit, and Jen too. Can I just say that I LOVE IHOP??? I had a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity. Mmm. And I am PROUD to say it. Anyway, here are some pictures:

Let's Dance!
Kids at receptions are SO CUTE! :)

Chicago Skyline
The Skyline

John Hancock
John Hancock Building

Aidan chillin’ in front of the John Hancock building.

Craving mashed potatoes, brown gravy, corn and a roll very much right now. I am hungry. So hungry.

Been listening to the new Bob Dylan album. It’s really, really, really good stuff.

Yesterday evening, I’d gone to Meijer to pick up some prescriptions and things I’ll need for next week, and heard a strange “wailing.” Turns out the tornado sirens were going off. Now, it was grey and muggy out, but nothing indicating the threat of severe weather. So I calmly drove home, heating up some Chinese food in the microwave, gobbled that down while IMing, and then stayed calm. Never did get storms in my area, but there was some craziness going down in other parts of the city/suburb area.

And now I am very tired. And hungry. I should probably eat something soon, huh?

This is for Cas: OMG, WHERE’D THEY GO??????

‘Til next time….

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