Oh man. I just found an OLD OLD OLD site of mine.


Man, I was really flighty back then. I’m actually kind of embarrassed about that site, so I’ll just encourage you NOT to visit it.



I have to remember to bring in bags or boxes tomorrow so that I can clean out my desk and cubicle. I don’t have much stuff–you don’t accumulate as much crap over a year as opposed to six (I still haven’t unpacked all my stuff from Nationwide), but I’d still like to remember to take it all home! Especially my mouse pad and wrist rest. I’ve already emailed a boatload of stuff to myself–I’m pretty sure I got everything most important.

I’m listening to Irish music now. Earlier it was Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and a random assortment of other stuff. I’m enjoying the Irish stuff the best.


Oooo, so much secret stuff in the works. :D
Plus vacation coming up. :D
Only two days left in the work week.
And it’s almost time to go home!

‘Till next time.

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