Month: January 2007

Much On My Mind (Video)

I’m sitting here FREEZING. My hands are like ice blocks, but I am hesitant to turn on the heater because my last gas bill was over $75, and that was with my thermostat being set at 64º or 65º for most of December. I’m thinking of investing in a space heater, because my electric bill is just over $30. Much more affordable.

Now I just need $20 for a space heater. OR I need to remember to bring the one I use at work home with me on cold evenings. Then I have to remember to take it back to work!

I had a really good weekend. Someone awesome spoiled me rotten, and got to eat at Morone’s, where I haven’t been in years!!! It was as delicious as I remember. Mmm, I love that place. They’re always hiring too, I wonder if I got a job hostessing there a couple nights a week would I get discounts on food? Meh, I’ve heard too many horror stories recently about how restaurant workers are treated; so it’s not likely.

Now I’m craving Morone’s again. Mmmmm.

My Web site host emailed me and told me they changed my password. I’d had the same password for anywhere-is for over six years now, so this new password thing is kind of annoying. It’s longer and more crazy than before. But that’s the thing now, strong passwords. And I’m cool with it. I’m down. Word.

Ivy (swankivy) showed me a Web site that allows one to look up his or her old sites on the internet. I did some searching and came across tons of old layouts I’d done for anywhere-is. And pixels! Clique graphics. Anyone remember the wormie clique? I had a blue one! And anyone remember The Cutie Factory? That site had the best pixels ever. There are still pixel-making sites out there, and I still LOVE collecting them. :)

A while ago, I’d posted the Aidan Mega Mix for people to download. I wasn’t sure if people with Macs or whatever could watch it. But I uploaded it to YouTube over the weekend, so behind the cut is a video that I made in late 2005 of Aidan being cute.

I plan to make a new video soon. You guys have to see this kid in action.

He’s been with my mom since the 6th of January, and I miss the little bugger.

Popped into a comic book store over the weekend. The Laughing Ogre. Had to see which Peach Girls I’d missed. I need 5-10, plus the Sae ones. Someday. Someday, perhaps. I also found myself drawn to the Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels. *looks around innocently* Didn’t buy anything, of course, but the place is a block and a half from me. I can walk there any time. If it would ever stop raining.

Actually, it did stop raining. Just in time for the weather to drop to “freeze your nutsack off” temperatures. Still not happy weather for me to walk in. I can’t wait until the late Spring, when the trees have pink blossoms all over them and it’ll be warm enough to walk without a jacket on. But it’s only January.

I have to do dishes. Eventually.

I did drop $8 I really can’t afford on jenlyn_b‘s new book Tattoo. I wanted to get robbiewriter‘s book Better Than Yesterday as well (I’ve heard awesome reviews about it), but I didn’t see it. Not that I had the money for it anyway–I think I’ll try to reserve it at the library, though. :D If it’s not there, then WAH. I’ll figure something out.

Who plans to watch American Idol tonight? I MIGHT. We’ll see. It depends on how well Fox will come in on my TV. I do it old school, see. I have rabbit ears. And sometimes the channels aren’t so clear. But that’s all right. Ha.


I’m experiencing a letdown right now. After such an awesome weekend, I’m readjusting and having kind of a hard time with it. I’m feeling depressed about my writing (or lack thereof) again. Big things coming up in the next few days that are on my mind. I’m cold. I’m also very tired. Early bedtime is on the agenda for tonight, I think. We’ll see how that goes, though.

I guess I’ll turn the heat on now. I’m freezing THROUGH MY SHOES. That’s bad.

‘Til next time.

P.S. I’m doing one of my favorite things right now. Reserving books at the library. Wooo!

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Today Was a BLAH Day.

I won’t even get started about money, because it’s too complicated and messy and generally fucked up, and I’m done with it for tonight.

Went to a mandatory child care class. Parents of divorcing children have to take the class, the state requires it. Chris paid my $35 fee. The part that resonates with me was the pictures the kids drew. Most of them had the half sad/half happy faces. One side frowning and crying, one side smiling. The mixed feelings. The counselor said that kids get like that when they see their parents fight a lot. Thankfully, Chris and I don’t fight, or play pain games, or any of that unhealthy stuff. But the class was good and informative. I always, always worry about how this will affect Aidan. I got a book full of tips on how to make this as painless as possible for him. ♥

They were going through the stages that children go through, emotional. Chris writes down on his booklet:

The Celine Dion Stage
– May marry old men;
– May move to Las Vegaas;
– May become narcissistic and say things like “I am the greatest singer in teh world!”;
– May sing songs in movies about sinking boats (I added this one).

It’s cool we still get along and have fun together.

I’m just looking forward to Thursday at 4pm. Start of a four-day weekend for me. A nice, long, relaxing weekend. Can’t wait.

My DVD player misbehaved, but I got a new cable and now it’s working fine again. YAY. Time to take a Tylenol PM, sit in my glider, and zone the crap out.

And again, I’d like to thank GOD for my friends. I’d be a wreck without them.

Anyway, I’m going to try not to post on days when I feel whiny. ‘Cause I’m not going to lie, I’m looking for people to say “hey, it’ll be okay,” even though I don’t really believe it will. And that’s just pathetic.

See ya.

P.S. To W – I’m glad you enjoyed being… crushed. ;)

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Good Things

I’m hanging out at cheebychumba‘s, watching The Office with him, his brother, his roommate, and his roommate’s girlfriend. I drove over in my pajamas, and post-shower, so when I go home tonight, I’ll go straight to bed. Well, I’ll be ABLE to. Who knows if I ACTUALLY will!

Anyway, helenatural does these… what I call positivity posts, and I figure it’s time for me to do one. It’s been a while. So here goes.


1. Getting a huge pat on the back for the Pre-K TE Style Guide I put together at work;
2. Good conversation with good people;
3. Finding a Burger King located fewer than five minutes from my apartment!!
4. Brownies fresh from the oven;
5. Newsies;
6. Free Cheryl & Co. cookies every month at work from a vendor. (Can’t wait for Snickerdoodle month!)
7. When boys call other boys “bitch”;
8. Tomorrow being FRIDAY;
9. Sudden, unexpected instances of being saved;
10. ♥

So, a few weeks ago, I was at work, talking to Tamera. Just about random stuff. She mentioned this planetarium she got from The Discovery Channel Store. You can set it to any part of the world, and it’ll project the stars onto your ceiling. She said it’s the coolest thing ever. That evening, I got home from work and opened a letter from meimeigui. In it was two gift cards; one of them $30 to The Discovery Channel Store. The planetarium? $29.99. Guess what I’m gonna use my gift card for when I go to that store this Sunday? :)

All right, gonna head out. I’ve gotta go home and go to bed. Or at least pretend I’m going there. ‘Til next time!

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Survey Time!

adamselzer is going to kill me, because he told me to go to bed about 30 minutes ago, but I simply cannot sleep.

So, here is the first survey of 2007! Woo!!

People usually call me: Ronni

But my real name is: Ronica

Birthday: December 20

Lady or Gentleman: Lady

I was born in: Cleveland OH

Sign: Sagittarius


Righy or Lefty: Right-handed.

Best Physical Feature: My eyes, and my butt.

Worst Physical Feature: My abs. Ugh. I can look pregnant on a really bad day.

Do you notice looks first?: Of course.

Shoe Size: Six in womens. Four in boys.

Hair Color: Golden

Eye Color: Hazel

Glasses/Contacts or Both: Depends on my mood

Do you wear jewelry?: Yes

If so, what?: Tiffany bracelet and necklace

Any tattoos?: Not yet.

Any piercings beside ears?: Not yet.


Are you a thoughtful person?: I try to be.

What are you thinking about in the morning?: The long work day ahead.

What about now?: The long work day tomorrow. I mean today. Eep.

Do you like to play chess?: Dunno.

How about checkers?: It’s okay.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?: Something to give me unlimited money.

Do you have a great idea right now?: Yes.

Do you like to play mind games?: No.

Emotional?: Yes.

How are you feeling right now? Excited.

Do you feel as though nobody truly understands you? From time to time.

Do you have trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings? I can do it better while writing.

If so, do you write in an actual diary or online journal? Both.

If diary, ever had somebody go through it? I hope not.

If online journal, which one? This one. Duh.

When was your last heartbreak? A while ago.

Last time you cried: Monday.

Reason as to why you cried? Long story.

Do you hate your life? Actually, no.


How often do you go to church? ..about that.

When was the last time you went to church? June 2006, for a play.

Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual? More spiritual.

Do you pray everyday? Not everyday, but quite often.

Did you go to bible school? I did a few times when I was young.


What do you first notice about the opposite sex? Face.

#1 Turn Off: Cockiness.

Hot body part of opposite sex: Nice, round butts.

Sex on the first date?: Well, I can’t say I’ve ever actually dated, so who knows?

Ever had a one night stand?: No.

Are you considered a tease?: No.


Do people call you a liar?: No.

Had a fake ID?: No.

When was the last time you lied to your parents?: A couple weeks ago.

Do you believe in once a cheater, always a cheater? Not really.

Ever said I love you and didn’t mean it? Never.

What is the one of the things you would NEVER lie about?: My son.

This or That……

Work or School: Work.

Red or Pink: Pink.

Receive or Give: BOTH.

Love or Lust: Love.

Heaven or Hell: What kind of question is that?

Lights on or off: On.


How many REAL friends do you actually have? At least seven. I’m so very blessed.

More female or male friends: Female.

Who is your best friend?: Adam, Star, Amy, Andy, Ivy to name a few.

How long you known each other?: Anywhere from fifteen years to less than one year.

Loudest Friend? I can’t think of any, really.

Shyest Friend? selfstyled.

Craziest Friend? adamselzer

Biggest Flirt? adamselzer

Would you ever live with your best friend? I think so.


Favorite Childhood Board Game? I enjoyed Connect Four.

Regular Tag, Freeze Tag, Help Tag, or Cartoon Tag: Regular tag. Hehe.

Ever play school? Oh yeah.

Ever play with Barbie or GI Joes?: Both.

Ever go to parents job for “Bring your kid into Work” Day?: No.

Hide and Go Seek or Blind Man Bluff: Hide and Seek.


Are you in school? Negative.

Do you work? Yes

Have a car? Yep!

If so, what kind? 2002 Hyundai Accent.

What are you doing tonight? Going to bed soon, I swear.

What are doing tomorrow? Work, then grocery shopping.

Thanksgiving or Christmas? Christmas.


What are your dreams? To be a bestselling author.

What age do you plan on getting married? Been there, done that. Don’t plan on doing it again.

Where do you want to get married? N/A.

Honeymoon Destination? N/A.

How many kids? I’ve got Aidan. He’s enough. :)

Career? Writing/Publishing.

Car? I like Little Ronica. I’ll try to hang on to her.

Small or Big Wedding? *grumble rumble*

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Normal Life is Underway

Just about everyone’s back at work. The traffic is back to being thicker on the highways. It’s noisier at work than it had been the past couple of weeks. The holiday decorations have come down. My place is almost back to normal. And by that, I mean the main rooms are actually clean. I walk in after work like WHOA, it seems awfully bare in here…oh yeah, it’s clean. HA. Clean and smelling of incense. Mmm, Nag Champa.

I wasn’t going to do my “read 100 new books,” thing this year, but seeing as it’s January 3rd and I’ve already read two and I’m halfway through a third, I don’t think it will be a challenge to do again. This time, I won’t lose track of them. I have them in a Word document! :D

Work. Oi. PDFs and PDFs and PDFs. Lots of handwriting. Lots of kids out there, going to be learning the ZB way of manuscript and cursive. It’s good stuff. Simple strokes, easy moves. Oooh, today, my project manager gave me Wikki Stix. They’re basically yarn covered with wax. FUN! I can’t wait to show them to Aidan! And, I might be allowed to test some of the new ZB Pre-K handwriting stuff on Aidan. She said it’s for four-year olds–guess who just turned four! So exciting. My job’s turning out to be way cool.

It’s amazing what a clean dwelling can do for the soul. I feel uncharacteristically cheerful. I keep looking around and smiling. Let’s see how long this will last.

‘Til next time! :)

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