When Adam and I first got engaged, he asked if we should register. I told him that we should wait until a few months before the wedding because the inventory changes so much at stores.

Adam is a true bachelor. He has two towels. TWO TOWELS. Maybe a few more, but I’ve never seem ‘em. I told him that towels is definitely going on the registry.

Here are the things we definitely plan to register for:

cookware (funky colors like orange and Brady Bunch green)
sheet sets

Between the two of us, we have plenty of dishes, silverware, and stuff like that. I live alone, and he has a lot of stuff, too. So we don’t need too much. I don’t think.

I want to register at:

Bed, Bath & Beyond

What other things should we register for? Maybe a fancy coffee maker? A Kitchen-Aid stand mixer? Stores? Crate & Barrel? I need some ideas!

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