I’m in San Francisco, and I’m totally wired. It’s almost 5am Ohio time, but I had a Red Bull and tea today, plus a late dinner, then I got to play Scattergories and watch the “wild ass” DVD, so I’m finding it hard to fall alseep.

Instead, I’ve been thinking about Adam and me, and how we’re going to create our living space. I know that he thinks about getting a new place from time to time, which would be cool. Either way, we’ll be making a new home for both of us, no matter where it is, and we can register for things that can help us do so.

A few more things I thought to register for (or ideas I got from friends) include:

– luggage
– photo frames
– 1000 thread count sheets

And then I just thought of maybe a big rug for the living room. Something that wouldn’t completely cover the hardwood floors, but would be nice to have. Oh, and a welcome mat of some sort is NEEDED for the winter. So, adding those things to the list:

– cool big rug
– welcome mat

And, and!

– Mickey Mouse appliances!

Not sure how Adam would feel about a Mickey Mouse waffle maker, but I’ll never buy one for myself, so why not? I already have the toaster!

Oh, and maybe a portable DVD player. On the long flight here, I was thinking of how much I’d have loved to have one. And potholders and kitchen towels, and maybe some new cooking utensils!

Rosa said to register for things we want but would never buy ourselves. And I started thinking of other possible stores, such as Pottery Barn and Linens N Things. She also told me that is is okay to register early because people might want to get us stuff already. I’d have it all shipped to Chicago. I kind of want to wait until I’m moved in, though. I want us to get the gifts together, if people decide to buy us stuff.

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