I’ve discovered that I kinda like cooking things other than spaghetti or Cream of Wheat and bacon. And now that autumn is rolling in and the oven won’t turn the apartment to 38957495 million degrees, I can get back into baking.

Last night, I made chili, and I made enough for lunch today and for lunch or something another day. I sprinkle LOTS of cheddar cheese and crush Fritos on top of it. Yummy. I had spinach as a side.

It’s getting to the point where spinach is a part of almost every meal I prepare. I crave it like I crave spaghetti, and sometimes I have them both in my meal. It’s so good and so good for me.

Tonight, I cut up a chicken breast and sautéed that, and I also sautéed some spinach, made some mashed potatoes, and some corn. What made me very excited about tonight was this:

Aidan willingly ate vegetables. I mean, corn probably doesn’t really count, but hey, it’s a start, right? He ate almost all his chicken, a great deal of his mashed potatoes, and HE EVEN TRIED THE SPINACH. I had some spinach last week and I could tell he was curious, but not quite ready to try it. Tonight, I reminded him that he loved it when he was a baby, and so he said “pretend I’m a baby” and then he tried a bite. I don’t know if he’ll eat it again, but at least he tried it, right?

Anyway, my “recipe” for sautéed spinach is really not a recipe at all. It’s just a way to cook up some yummy goodness really quickly:

Fresh spinach
a bit of olive oil

Coat the bottom of the skillet with a bit of olive oil.
Add in some water.
Add spinach.

Sauté until the leaves are bright green.


I prefer to use organic baby spinach, but as that’s quite expensive and hard to find, I usually end up buying Popeye bagged spinach. At Marc’s, a bag of mature spinach (http://www.popeyefreshfoods.com) costs about $1.78, and it keeps me happily fed for about a week. If I can’t find bagged, I can find Popeye canned spinach, which is just as good, especially if I get the no salt added can. The only problem is that I eat the entire can in one sitting–that’s three servings!

Bedtime for both of us. G’night.

P.S. Sore arm due to a flu shot from this morning. Eeeek!

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