Today at work, Janet asked me how the plans were going. I sat there and realized I hadn’t done a concrete thing for the wedding since we booked the place. I went to The Knot and went to the checklist. I checked off a lot of things, but the list says I have 172 more to go.

Eeek, much?

Granted, it’s still just over a year away and I have PLENTY of time, but it’s hard not to see such a huge number of things to do and not panic. Plus, we need to find a photographer after all (for the more formal and traditional shots), and there are LOTS and LOTS to choose from in Chicago. That’s a little bit lot overwhelming!

This is what I am tempted to do for the boquets: Head over to the grocery store the day of the ceremony and pick up some of the flowers there. My first choice is an orange gerbera daisy, but man, the thought of dealing with all this stuff is kind of making me hyperventilate.

I got a few sample invitations in the mail. Thank God places let you see samples. The really inexpensive ones from Ann’s Bridal Bargains aren’t that great, and the Mickey Mouse ones are too big. I REALLY like these:

Of course, they’re from my favorite place, Invitations By Dawn. The color I really like is called Tuscan Sun, and it’s the orangy-looking one on the right, behind the light green ones. I can get 50 for $102.80, and 50 response folders (with envelopes) for $55.50. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable, especially for an invitation I really like, but I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t some that are less expensive. I mean, it’s so simple, after all. But there’s just something about the colors that’s perfect.

We’e been getting requests to register. I think we’re going to hit our first store next month, when we’re together for Thanksgiving. We could register online, but then we wouldn’t get the little gun. Adam really wants to use the little gun.

So, I’m trying not to freak out too much here. After all, I do have more than a year for everything to fall into place. No need to stress. Right?

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