The original plan wasn’t to finish all my holiday prep today. I had planned on doing it all tomorrow. However, I got bit by the bug at about 10:23 a.m. and so I headed out about 11:24. First stop was the post office. I’d figured I’d just use the APC, as that’s available afterhours. But the post office was actually open, which I’m sure was nice for the people who wanted to deal with an actual clerk when mailing packages and such. I got all my grocery shopping done, and I finished all my holiday shopping. I really wanted to get Aidan an argyle sweater. I just think he’d look so cute in one. Unfortunately, I found a couple at Old Navy that were way too big for him, and one at GapKids (this one) which was WAY too expensive. No almost-five year old needs a $35 sweater. I don’t even spend that much on MY sweaters.

Here’s my to-do list, revisited:

– renew driver’s license (12/20)
– renew license plate tags (12/20)
– clean my room (that includes finally unpacking my clothes from my Atlanta and NYC trips, changing the sheets, and general tidying up)
– finish Christmas shopping (Aidan’s all that’s left—I want to get him an argyle sweater!)
– Christmas cards
– insulate windows with some of that plastic stuff you use with a hairdryer
– hair
– clean little Lucy’s litter box (thorough cleaning, not just litter exchange)
– burn a Christmas CD
– wrap gifts
– get groceries

I should probably do a load of laundry, too.

I really want to get my hair done. At a salon. I just can’t justify spending $70 for a service I can do myself, though. Even though doing my hair annoys me because it takes so long and I rarely get the results I want, spending $8 for an at-home kit is a lot more economical than the whole $70 at the salon thing. I was going to do my hair today, and I still might later on. Or I might wait ’til tomorrow. Or Tuesday.

Oh, and here’s the question. Adam says NO. I want to get other opinions. There are nine days until Christmas. Is it too early to wrap presents? *eyeballs pile of stuff on floor behind me*

I love this season. Nine days.
Four ’til my birthday. And ’til Adam gets here. ♥

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