Both my boys are here. One is napping, one is watching videos.

It’s my favorite time of year.

Melodye (newport2newport) wanted people to post virtual Christmas things for her this year, as she can’t really decorate this year.

So, Melodye, the following’s for you: pictures of things that have meant Christmas for me the past several years.

My Tree 2007
My tree this year. I used a special Cross 6x lens filter to get the special pointy effect on the lights.

A visit to the crazy house in Upper Arlington.

Christmas Dinner
Good food!
Mac & cheese, Honey Baked Ham, dressing, chicken (or turkey), greens (mustard and turnip), and a roll full of butter. Yummy.

Aidan and the Tree

The Banana Ornament

My Banana Ornament
The banana again.

** Melodye wanted to know why this is my favorite and how it came to live in my collection. Well, I love bananas. They’re so neat. I don’t usually go with this style of ornament, but when I spotted it at Target years ago, I knew I had to have it. Once that is up, I know it’s time.

Village Building at Night
One of my village buildings

Snow People
Snow people


How the  Grinch Stole Christmas
How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Yes, I have it on VHS. Old school style. I apparently never got the DVD. The tape just came back in to my possession today.

Santa Adam
My Adam (although he is Jewish… but still).

The Gang's All Here!

Grandmommy & Aidan
More Family

Next year, my holidays will be quite different. As Adam said this afternoon: “We’ll start our own traditions.” :) Can’t wait.

Happy Holidays, everyone! :)

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