Today started off OK. I always fight waking up in the morning; that’s just how I am. But I got up and got dressed and my hair looked all right. I showered Aidan with a billion-ton of kisses, and then I left. It was cold, but whatever. I don’t even expect the weather to approach anything near warmth until June.

Then I got to work. I saw all the work we had to do and immediately went into high-stress mode (and stayed there all day). There was SO MUCH WORK. I was in the office until after 8pm, and I’d been in there that late Friday as well. Knowing that I have to go in this coming Saturday for probably a full day makes me an unhappy camper. Thank the Lord I get time-and-a-half. My check will look nice next week, at least. My body aches with the stress and brain-meltingness of it all, though. I was so busy that I didn’t even think to go to the bathroom until after 3pm. Today was overwhelmingly crazy. Still coming down, actually.

The amount of the day that wasn’t fired was having Aidan an extra night. See, I got his flight departure time WRONG, and got to the airport five minutes before his plane was to take off instead of an hour and five minutes before. Thank goodness Southwest is a reasonable airline. They booked him on a flight tonight and only charged me $15 for the difference in the cost. So, that was a happy accident. He and Adam came for lunch before heading to the airport. I got a bunch of extra kisses and hugs in, and he smelled like brownie batter for some reason.

I miss my little booba. *sigh* It’s too quiet here without him.

Another part of the day that didn’t fail was that I was able to get a shirt from Old Navy that I’d had my eye on ever since I saw someone at work wearing one. It’s so cute, you guys. And the Old Navy I went to had very few left. Check it out:


And here is something that can cheer anyone up:

I am so ready for summer. I am ready to wear all the cute new tops I’ve bought. I’m ready for warm weather and sunshine. I’m ready to stop wearing a billion layers, gloves, hats, scarves. I am ready for light breezes and blue skies. I’m ready to pull out the light clothes and put the heavy stuff away. It’s a shame that it stays cold here for so long. *sigh*

Anyway, that’s all for now. Time for Twilight with RiffTracks. LOLarity will ensure. And I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be much better.

Good night.

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