Day Four at Disney! (Pictures)

Hola! Yet another fun day at Disneyworld!

Today, we hit Disney MGM Studios. We did a little bit of shopping before heading towards the back. With really no plan in mind, we did whatever struck our fancies. The first thing was the Animation Studio. We watched a cute little show about how Mushu (from Mulan) was created, then Aidan and I met The Incredibles! :D

I got an ice cream bar after that, and we wandered to the Movie Ride. What a neat ride. While waiting, they show previews of several movies on a huge screen. I really want to see Footlight Parade now, and I think I’ll have Chris rent it when we get back home.

After the movie ride, we headed back to the Backlot Tour, but got caught up in some character greetings along the way! There was Jo Jo (who loved Aidan’s hair) and Goliath from Jo Jo’s Circus (Aidan was THRILLED times nine!), Donald Duck (who loved Aidan’s hair), and Fantasia Mickey Mouse! Last time I was here, the only way I got to meet Mickey was during a character meal, and this year, I got to meet him THREE times. And it’s only Monday!! :D

We grabbed some lunch, then watched Muppetvision 3D. I love Disney’s 3D shows. The Muppets are crazy. As we were rounding the corner to the Backlot Tour, we ran into the guys from Toy Story! YEA!

Then there was the Star Wars Tours ride. Chris and I had to do the parent/baby switch off thing because Aidan isn’t 40 inches yet. A man gave him a card that said “Future Rider” on it. While Chris was riding and I was in line, I met this funny girl named Alyvia. We acted silly throughout the entire ride! :D

We finally went on the Backlot Tour, and Catastrophe Canyon was great as usual, but they took down the Golden Girls house which disappointed Chris and me greatly. But it was okay nevertheless.

After the Tour, we made our way to the front of the park. Chris and Aidan were getting cranky and I was getting really tired. We went and picked up the Mouse Ears hat we had personalized for Aidan…

…and noted that people were settling on the curbs. Oh darn, we were just in time for a PARADE! Oh fun. We sat right in the sun, and got to see so many fun characters. I got lots of kisses blown to me from Donald and Mickey! :D Mary Poppins was in the parade, and Alice (in Wonderland) and DARTH VADER! I can’t even begin to describe it, but it was so great to see so many characters. A Power Ranger and Alice came right up to Aidan. So did Zoe from Rolli Poly Olli!! :D Aidan had a blast during the parade!

On our way back to the room, Aidan fell asleep on Chris. We came back to the room and everyone crashed. We’d planned on going to Downtown Disney, but decided against it. By the time I woke up, it was pretty late, so we decided to eat dinner here and take it easy. Much needed.

Tomorrow should be another fun day. I think we’re planning on hitting Magic Kingdom again! Mickey’s Toontown (yay, Aidan can see Goofy, or FOOKY as he calls him, again!) and then, I’m not sure what else.

Things I’ve Learned:
– Magic Kingdom’s fireworks are better than Epcot’s.
– Disney Villians are not nice and don’t like for you to take their pictures! ;)
– The Muppets are insane.
– As soon as I’m off the bus, I am overcome with an overwhelming desire to speak in a British accent. I always succumb.

The Few Minuses:
– Our neighbors go on the balcony and smoke. The smoke drifts directly into our room. I can smell it now. Gross. :(
– Our bathroom is a handicap bathroom. Hence the weird shower set up.
– We’re in the All-Star Movies, so we’re always the last ones to be dropped off when coming home from the parks (unless we’re on an exclusive All-Star Movies bus).
– Sometimes THREE Blizzard Beach buses come in a row and no Epcot bus forever.
– Dial-up Internet. Boo!

I’m pretty sleepy right now, and I have a sore throat. I refuse to get full on sick, though. I am not wasting my vacation lying around in bed!!

So good night, all.

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Day Three! (Pictures)

Got up a bit later this morning. I decided to skip the Tarzan show because Chris and Aidan had gotten sick, and because I was tired! :) We got up at 9:15 thanks to Aidan, and I showered and got dressed. We ate breakfast in the food court here. (RIPOFF)

We went to Animal Kingdom and had a really good time! :) We got lost trying to find theatre for The Lion King Festival–but I did catch a glimpse of Lilo and Stitch–(and when we found them back and Camp Mickey and Minnie, I realized that we’d missed our priority seating for that, not for Tarzan!). But the cast members at Disneyworld are awesome, and they moved our priority reservation to 1:00. It was barely noon, and there were character greetings all over the place. There was hardly any line for Goofy, and so we got to meet him, then Mickey! :D Check it:

After that, we went into the “and friends” line and guess who was back there! Donald Duck! :) I’d never met Donald before so I was so excited. And then, I did my very first pin trade. :D YAY for me!

The we watched The Lion King Festival. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. I can’t even describe how awesome it was. Just wow. If you come here, you need to make sure you catch that show! We were in the FRONT ROW (thank you Priority Seating!) and they were totally interacting with us, especially with Aidan! :) It was so much fun.

We headed back to the hotel for a nap. Aidan fell asleep on the way back to the hotel, but somehow woke up between the bus and the room. Chris and I dozed while Aidan had a field day playing around the room. He spent a lot of time in the window, I remember that. Weird. After naptime was dinner at THE GARDEN GRILL! They changed their menu, but the food and service was still superb (I had beef loin and orzo with spinach, and we shared a chocolate fondue for dessert) and it’s still my favorite restaurant. Our waitress, Jeannie, was really nice and cool. I probably would have stood there talking to her forever if Aidan and Chris hadn’t started clammoring for me after dinner.

But the character greetings during the dinner was so much fun!! They are so great with Aidan. Pluto was a BUCKEYES fan! And when Aidan said “Go Buckeyes,” he almost fell to the floor! It was the cutest thing ever. At one point, he danced with Dale, and he danced with Pluto (actually, he and Pluto were having a blast, rolling on the floor and dancing and all sorts of silly things), and Chip and Mickey! Then these two little boys came over from the next table and they were all dancing with Mickey and omg, it was the funniest and cutest thing! :D Chris got video of it all! :D

After dinner, we went over to look at a few of the countries in World Showcase. We went to Canada and looked at a 360 circle movie. I thought it was okay, but Aidan LOVED it. He was absolutely fascinated. Then, we headed over to England. I just wanted to go in and listen to the workers speak; I LOVE THEIR ACCENTS! The really cute guy in one of the shoppes clued us in on Pooh being in the toy store. We went over, and not only was Pooh there, but Tigger and Eeyore too. We were the last family and boy did we get the VIP treatment. The family before us finished up and walked out, and then Tigger made a beeline for me and gave me a huge hug! Pooh and Eeyore fawned all over Aidan, and they all were giving him loads and loads of attention. Oh gosh, we must have been there for at least eight minutes, playing and taking pictures and having a wonderful time. Aidan got so many hugs and kisses from them, and they gave him three group hugs! :)

We watched the fireworks again. Good times. :) Well, not really. There was lightening in the distance and I got a bit nervous. And my throat was hurting, and since it was so humid out, the smoke hung in the air. ButI bought two new pins for my lanyard. And I realized that most people around here are very nice. I’ve talked to more people from more places than ever, it seems. People sitting next to you at parades or on the bus like to talk, especially older ones. It’s great, and helps pass the time. :)

Other things I’ve learned:
– At the walk up counters, the kid’s meals are just as filling, a lot cheaper, and tastier.
– May is a great time of year to go to Disneyworld!
– Characters LOVE curly-haired 2 year olds named Aidan.
– Certain curly-haired 2 year olds are not allowed to have ANY MORE APPLE JUICE!

I think Aidan is going to be a Disney cast member someday. A performer. He has the look, the charisma, and the attitude for it. I think he’d be great at it. :D

There is no agenda for tomorrow. We’ll probably play it by ear. Ear, haha. :) Who knows what will be in store for us? :D

I had another very good day. :D ‘Til next time…

PS I did have an update for yesterday. Somehow, I’d coded it Friends Only when it wasn’t supposed to be. :D It’s fixed now.

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FUN FIRST DAY! :) (Pictures)

We got to Orlando about 2:30pm. Flew on a tiny little jet called a Delta Connect. It was cool. We got to the hotel around 3:15 or so. We didn’t get to our room until after 4. Check-in took FOREVER, and by now I was getting antsy!

We didn’t get to the park until way after 5, maybe even nearly 6. There were many characters right there at the front. No Mickey, but Baloo was there, and lots of guys from Robin Hood. Then we saw Cinderellabration–that was really neat because all the princes and princesses were there. Jasmine and Aladdin, Belle and The (former) Beast, etc. SO NEAT! :D And the castle is beautiful, all done up to celebrate 50 years of something. ;) See?

Yummy cheap food for dinner. Then we hit the rides. There were hardly any lines! We walked on most rides, and got to ride Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Cinderella’s Golden Carousel, it’s a small world (can you believe we just walked on that one??!??!), Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the Mad Tea Party, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (this was wicked cool!). We also got to see Mickey’s Philharmagic. Okay, Mickey’s Philharmagic was so cool. It was a 3D show and Disney’s 3D shows are no joke! I mean, you experience it all. For example, if you see that they’re going to toss a bucket of water towards the audience, you will get wet. And during one scene, they were showing food and we could smell it. Fantastic. :D Plus, since it was the evening, the weather was pleasantly warm with a light breeze, and the sky was perfectly clear and beautiful.

Me on the Mad Tea Party

(You can see Aidan in my glasses!)

Amazing fireworks show (I took video of the finale, let me know if you’re interested in seeing it!), a snack of ice cream, and now I’m back in the hotel room. No high speed internet, so I won’t be posting a whole lot of pictures until I get back home.

Aidan had a blast. He was big-eyed most of the time, and smiling and having a great time. :) It’s so much fun to watch him enjoy himself.

What a great first night at Disney. And I haven’t even been to Epcot yet!

In the morning (later today?) is breakfast with Pooh and the Gang at The Crystal Palace! :D Night!

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Random Talk (Pictures)

So yeah. WHY did I see this outside when I looked out the window this morning?

I mean, this is really depressing. It’s the end of April! THE END OF APRIL. And it’s snowing. I mean snowing like a mofo. It’s still coming down out there. I mean, it may as well be December or January for all the weather cares that it’s SPRING, hello! :(

I had an incident. My windshield wiper decided to stop working again. I had to go to a gas station and pay way too much for a pair of pliers so I could tighten that bolt. Otherwise, I may have never made it home safely.

Now, the pliers reside in my car permanently.

Saw a movie with Rob, Josh, and Tyler last night. Sahara. WEIRD movie. Matthew M. though–totally HOT. Mmmmm. But the movie itself… meh.

Before the movie, I got to have dinner with Aabye-Gayle and her catepillar David. It was exciting because Aabye is from New York City and this was her first trip to Ohio. :)

Aren’t they so cute together?

Here is a picture of me and Becky from Friday night. I should have taken more pictures. There was an interesting situation involving Rob, Tyler, excessive movement, screaming, the almost lost footing of the recliner, and the near breaking of the lamp. I wish I’d had my camera out for that!!!

We are pretty.

Chris just put Saw in the DVD player. I have NO interest in watching that. So I’m going to go and head upstairs. I can’t believe the weekend is over already. The weeks go sooo slow, and then the weekends SPEED by. NO FAIR. :( I don’t get enough time to hang with my friends. Especially with Tyler, since he’s moving away in a few months. Punk.

Ate at Cosi today. I was not impressed. Panera is nine million times better. And a lot less expensive, too.

My schedule for this week:
Tuesday: Chiro, then Bark at meeting Panera with Jenny E and Christie M
Wednesday: Drama Meeting (my house)
Thursday: Hopefully hang out with Rob
Friday: Hopefully hang out with the usual crew (Rob, Tyler, Becky, etc.)

In the words of the cutest girl on Live Journal Kassie (sleightofhandx): That is all.

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Such Great Heights…

I went to the zoo yesterday. It was loads of fun! :) We had a good time and got great pictures!

The giraffes were awesome, as usual. There was definitely a vacancy, though. One of them had died last week. :( That’s so sad for me, I LOVE giraffes.

My favorite part was when we saw the gorillas. They’re so hilarious. But there was a one-year old named Dottie. She had a blanket and was so sweet and good. I took her picture, and she seemed really interested in my camera. I held it up to the glass and she put her hand up against it. Then I showed her the picture I’d taken of her, and she stared, fascinated. It was the most precious thing ever, and everyone was going “aww.” I wanted to take her home with me!!! <3 Little Dottie (picture behind the cut)!


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