Let’s Get It Started! (Pictures)

– Hanging out at Easton with itskels and adorable Ari for the evening. <3!
– Watching Shania Twain’s Live In Chicago DVD at top volume with my mother-in-law.
– Loving my “new” printer.
– Downloading “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas. Now I can hear it whenever I want!!
– Smelling like lavendar and camomile.

– Having weird feelings about certain people.
– Insecurity.
– Still needing to unpack.
– Clean clothes and dirty clothes being mixed up due to lack of unpacking and/or putting away clothing.
– Aidan STILL being up!!!

I spent the evening with Kelle Belle and her precious daughter Ari. That was fun. She said she’s never going shopping with me again because I am a bad influence. All because I told her to smell the Alfred Sung Shi perfume and she liked it so much she bought some for herself. I can’t wait to hang out with her again. :)

She’s gonna hate me. But she looks so cute, and I look like such a dork, so it’s great.

OH! As promised! Pictures of Aidan in his Halloween costume!

And for those of you asking what I got at Prada:

Yup, yup. And so on and so forth. Hey, all you local gals!! I have a Happy Hour thingy tomorrow at Origins at Easton at 2pm. PLEASE join me. It’s free and supposed to be totally cool. So please come if you’d like. Just say you’re with me. :)

Alrighty then. I’m going to go and answer some emails and other stuff. Maybe print out some stuff because ya know, I have this sweet printer now. Later!

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More from Vegas (Pictures)

SOMEHOW, I managed to find the high speed internet access. Actually, it found me. It costs $9.99 for 24 hours of service. Dorks. I’ve already placed a $10 bill on my parents’ bed, so they shouldn’t be pissy about it.

Today the weather was CRAPPY! It rained and it rained hard. Despite that, Mommy and I managed to go to lots of places; The MGM Grand (holy banana, that place is beautiful), New York New York, M&M World, Coca-Cola World, and Fashion Show Mall. We ate lunch at a place called Weinerschnitzel. Yummy chili-cheese dogs and french fries. Dinner was the Steak Buffet tonight. YUMMMMY. I also lost a few more dollars in the damn slot machines. I’m DONE gambling (with my own money) for the rest of this trip.

Seriously, the MGM Grand is amazing inside. That casino is so pretty, and you can barely smell the smoke. I WANTED to game in their casino, and I desperately wanted to take pictures. But we’re not allowed. :( That sucks. If you come here, you HAVE to see that place. And the Forum Shops. :)

I GOT MY CHUCK TAYLORS! They’re so cute. I love them. So pink and pretty and stuff. Oh my gosh. Funny story. I went to Footlocker and settled for these cute tri-color CTs. Still pinks. But then I went to Lady Footlocker and found the pink ones I wanted. I had to go back to Footlocker, return them, get the cash, and then go back up to Lady Footlocker. All the work was worth it, though, because the pink ones were cheaper! Good times, or what?

So anyway, here are a few more PICTURES!

Mommy & Me in front of Tiffany with our new jewelry! <3!!
My new jewelry!!!

My dinner the first night we came. Aged prime rib. MMMmMMmmMMMM!

The beautiful Bellagio hotel.

A slight glimpse of the strip.

Me and an M&M at M&M world!

Heehee. This was not mine, it was Greg’s. He did hit the Royal on one of the machines, though. That was a lot more than 4 cents.

More pictures when I get back. These are the highlights. I’ll do a photo album with all the rest.

Vegas is fun. But I know all the debauchery happens when I’m sleeping. I want to see some of that. Just kidding. Oh, there are people who stand on the street and hand out some sort of cards with naked chicks on them. Not even cute. I ignored them. Some of the pictures and ads around here…scandalous!

The rain has passed and now it’s beautiful out. I want to see the strip! I can see lights from my window! But I’m kind of nervous to go alone at night (although I keep telling my mom that after she’s asleep I’m going to the Palms and partying the night away), and they are in for the night. So maybe tomorrow night I’ll get to see that dang watershow. Mmm yeah, the water was going today. I saw a glimpse while we were in the cab to the mall. Boo. I WANT TO SEE THE WATER SHOW. Dang it.

There is a bottle of wine sitting here beside me on the desk. I don’t like wine, but it was free. :) Heehee. Gotta love that.

Tomorrow’s agenda? Well, it’s really up in the air now. They were mentioning a slot tournament, but then they were mentioning a Bellagio day. I definitely don’t have a problem with that! I guess we’ll see. I’m sure the breakfast buffet will be involved somehow. And either a shuttle or a cab ride. I hope the weather is pretty. There are lots of places that I want to take pictures of, like the Venetian and The Mirage and that darn water show. :)

Good night for now. :)

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Labor Day (Picture)

Labor Day was fun. Fun, fun, fun! :) Lots of visitors stopped by today: David, Lauren, Craig, Tami, Jen*Jen (who was already here from the night before!) and Jennifer (lamplamp)! I had so much fun. Chris grilled out and we had pizza burgers and hamburgers, tator tots, potato salad, baked beans, chips and lots to drink. Then we played Scene It! and Karoake Revolution. Yes. That was MOST entertaining! I won, of course. Cause you know, I’m that GOOD (not).

One by one, people trickled out, and then Jennifer stayed with us. I burned her a couple of CDs and then we acted silly and talked. We ate fried chicken and the rest of the sides from earlier today, and played Tombraider – Angel of Darkness. Good times. Aidan fell in love with her and vice versa. They played and cuddled and it was so sweet! It was sooo awesome seeing and hanging out with Jennifer again. I <3 that woman.

Here’s reason number 4908568905890 why Kelly P is awesome. She was in Florida to vacation with her family at Disneyworld. A hurricane came along and threatened to wrack havoc on their vacation. In the midst of all this, Kelly thought about little ole me and got me this:

Mm, yeah. How awesome is that? I love Mickey Mouse Club, and I love pink. Who’d have thunk it? ;)

Well, I’d better skedaddle. I have sort of a long day tomorrow, and plus there is work. *sigh* So, til later….

P.S. Why did no one ever tell me that the first 100 or so pages of GQ magazine seems to be more for women than men? I discovered that today. Heh.

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Picture Time! (Pictures)

Updated my RandomNess album and added a new one — Lake Hope II. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and since JA Album seemed to have a problem with the following pictures, I’m posting them here. The first one is of me and the AWESOME Emily (yoimemily), and the 2nd is of Kim and Tina in Meijer. We all decided to get our blood pressure checked. And weight. It was good times.

WORD. This is me and Emily. She rocks. Dang it.

Kim gets her blood pressure checked while Tina looks on with a peaceful smile. Gotta love the picture of the lady putting in her contact.

For some reason, I’m kind of cranky. And I still feel sick. And people at work are noticing that I am out of the office a lot recently.

Oh well.

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