Picture Post! (Pictures)

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Random Craziness Times Six. Or maybe not so much. (Pictures too!)

Something you don’t hear everyday:

“OOOH! MY BUTT IS WARM!” – said by our own lovely itskels. :)

So, I got up Saturday morning and there was snow everywhere. I’d been expecting a dusting; they (meaning the weather people) had forecasted it. But as we were driving up North for Aidan’s vacation (heehee), it was snowing like a mofo. I mean, inches and inches of accumulation. Slushy, slippery, nasty stuff. What in the fresh hell? It’s APRIL. But it’s also Ohio. It could snow in June here. ACK.

And I don’t even know if the darn forsythia bloomed yet, so IT DOESN’T EVEN COUNT.

Oh, don’t tell me you don’t know the legend? Spring won’t officially be here (read: the weather won’t break) until there have been three snows after the forsythia blooms. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen one flower yet. Well, no blooms anyway. Saw a few greens. And the poor daffodils that were pushing through–if they survive this, then I’ll bow down to them. Yes, to flowers. Shutup.


So, I’m working on The Bark and Microsoft Word is being a right pain in the arse. Sometimes, I’ll add a line break and four pages of text will disappear! What in the fresh hell? I’m almost done with it, though. I have to make the collage (I’ll do that tomorrow) and get Joe’s cartoon and it should be all set. :)

Read “Keeping The Moon” by Sarah Dessen in one day. Wonderful, captivating book. *sigh* I can be that successful if I’d get over this stupid fear. :(

I’m going to read Broken China by Lori Aurelia Williams next.

<3 Young Adult Novels!

OOOHOOOH, do you want to see a video of Aidan acting silly?

Clicky and download a zip file,then. Inside is an mpeg file, and it should work with any player. 9.31 megabyte download. :D My son is crazy! (In a good way!)

I can’t believe he’s mine! :)

And… and PICTURES!! :D

This is my sweet new car radio. (Head unit?) :D

Becky and I at House of Japan for sushi and other really yummy stuff. I aime Becky tres much.

What I had. Okay, so I ate one before I decided to take the picture, but you get the point. Yummm.

So why did my husband put on nine pounds of cologne just to go to sleep?

Although I was expecting a huge cleaning project when Aidan was gone–I guess Chris did it all. So, I can spend a lot of time relaxing. Not to worry, there is still plenty for me to do, but not as much now. YAY.

Church soon. Then lunch after, maybe? And I’m not sure about Bible Study–I haven’t been reading and I have to get a jump on this writing and other projects while I have the chance (read: while I have the freedom to do it). We’ll see how tomorrow goes. Won’t be wearing my new outfit, that’s for sure, since the weather is doing that “I’ll be nice when everyone is stuck at work but I’ll turn CRAPPY on the weekends” thing again. Wah.

‘Til later…

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More Pics and Awesomeness!


Pictures from Tyler’s album!

Edit | 03.17.2005 – I love how the pictures with me in them have the most views!!

Enjoy! :)

AND… I got to talk to leavittbs & his lovely wife sylvehr today on webcam and chat. It was awesome! What a fun couple; I can’t wait to chat with them again. <3!!

Had spaghetti for dinner; may have overdone the garlic a bit though. *blush*

Drama club meeting went well tonight. I should have an easy time memorizing my script. Yay.

AND I got a text message from Star!! WOOHOO!


You Are A Good Friend

You’re always willing to listen

Or lend a shoulder to cry on

You’re there through thick and thin

Many people consider you their “best friend”!

bold the states you’ve been to, underline the states you’ve lived in and italicize the state you’re in now…

Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C /

Go HERE to have a form generate the HTML for you.

Gonna try to get to bed early today. We’ll see how that goes. ‘Night!

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Chi-Town (Pictures)

I got to Rob’s about 6ish Friday night. It had started to snow really badly which SUCKED! But Rob and I had a few moments of quality time before Becky got there. Then Bizzy showed up. Rob and Bizzy rode to Tyler’s together and I drove myself and Becky there. We gathered Tyler, used the bathroom and we were on the road about 7ish.

The weather was iffy and traffic was a little slow. Becky, Bizzy, and I sat in the back with freezing feet until we took off our shoes. Funny how that made us warmer. The boys were cracking me up.

Tyler: I would like to respectfully request that no one opens their butt also.

Rob: If I say I have to puke Tyler will have this car on the side of the road so damned fast…
(it’s funnier if you have a mental picture of Tyler rushing to move the car over…bah, never mind!)

Tyler (talking about pooping twice in one day): The second one was mostly chili.

As we got into town, the weather had gotten really bad and the car windows were a mess and people in Chicago drive like MANIACS. Holy Aggressiveness!!! I’d never survive there!

The lights on the buildings were green. St. Patrick’s Day is a week-long event in Chicago. It’s kind of cool.

We got to Mark’s place about 12:30 CST, which was 1:30 EST. But the night was YOUNG! :) Rob had called Mark and demanded pizza and that sweet guy delivered. I wasn’t hungry, but I hopped in the shower almost immediately. Tyler followed suit. Please read those sentences carefully so you don’t get the wrong idea.

We were all tired and kind of slaphappy and very excited to see Mark. And his roommate Nick, who was really cool as well. At some point, Rob and Mark went to Dominick’s (a store) and how many times did they forget to bring Bizzy and me Ho-hos? Hmm…I’m not even sure what they bought to be honest.

Rob (talking about dying): My time may be sooner and that’s okay, because I’m at peace with the Lord.
Laughter from kitchen.
Bizzy: Yeah, right!

Mark (after Rob kicked the white trash can AGAIN): You kicked that for the fifth…second time!

I haven’t talked about Mark much because he lives in Chicago and I don’t get a lot of time to hang out with him. But I got to very quality spend time with him this weekend and he’s truly awesome. :)

Mark lives right by the El tracks—I mean, look out the window and they are there.

Me, by the tracks. I’m standing on Mark’s back porch!

The trains aren’t annoying, though. You get used to it quickly and it can be soothing. Becky, Bizzy, and I stayed up really late talking. Ah, I love girl talk. I know Rob could hear every word we were saying even when we were whispering. Tyler says he was sleeping but I truly doubt he was. Although he is an abnormally silent (and still) sleeper….

Saturday, we got up around—not sure, actually. I talked to Jen*Jen a bit on the phone. People got ready and we headed to a place called “Nookies, Too” for breakfast. Yummy! I had Belgian waffles with strawberries, and bacon. Apple juice to drink. I got flirted with by the waiter. I think Mark may have drawn his knife but I’m not sure… (just kidding!)

Mm, yummy food!

Tyler, me, and Becky.

Mark and Bizzy study the menu. Anyone notice anything weird about this photo?

After breakfast, a panhandler begged for change. I gave her fifty cents. She then went off on everyone else I was with because they didn’t give her any money and she and Rob got into an argument. It was kind of amusing.

We walked back to the apartment and warmed up a bit, then went to Dominick’s and got public transport passes. My first time on the El. Woo-hoo! It was cool. No joke, though. You have to get on and get off like NOW or else those doors will close and you’ll be out of luck. You get a few seconds to act. It’s wild.

We went downtown! Saw the green river, the Navy Pier, went to the Water Tower and ate. LOTS of walking. Especially from the river to the Pier. We were tired! I was so cold I was getting mad. Ack.

The river is GREEN! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tyler, me, Mark, Rob, Becky (Bizzy is the photographer here!)

Went back to the apartment to get ready for Jinnie’s (Mark’s girlfriend) 21st birthday party. The train ride back was quite adventurous. Some girl bent down in front of us and we could totally see the top of her butt. She didn’t even have on thongs or a t-back. With jeans! Gross!

Random Guy on Train: HE EATS HIS OWN FARTS!

We girls looked HOT when all was said and done! Rob told me that I was going to get hit on by so many guys and he’d be ready to beat them down for me.

Becky, me, and Bizzy.

The party was okay. It’s always awkward when you know no one! Tyler hit it off very well with a certain girl, though. Some of the people in our group got a kick out of how he was “macking.” I hit it off with a girl, but not like that! She was really cool and I want her to move to Columbus! She has such a beautiful soul. I liked her a lot and I miss her already. Here we are:

Liz and me.

Aside from Liz, the party wasn’t much fun for me though. I got sick (possibly from dinner—could not have had anything to do with the two Amaretto Sours, the Fuzzy Navel, and the two Apple Jack shots I did, right?) and spent a lot of time in Jinnie’s room being the drama princess I am, and yes, I ADMIT that I’m a drama princess. Not a queen, but a princess. Or maybe a duchess. Whatever!

Went back to the apartment, wrote in my journal, and went to bed.

I got up early Saturday morning and did more journaling. Did a word find. Did some stretching while no one could see me. At least, I think no one was watching…and I read some Scripture. It’s rare that I do that on my own accord but I needed it that morning. God and I had some serious conversing to do. And when I say serious conversing I meant raging (on my part) but I am not going to go much further into that.

People woke up around eleven or so? Ack, I’m not sure what times to use! I’d been up and I was ready and was actually falling back to sleep about this time. But everyone got up. A couple of people got showers while Rob, much to most people’s chagrin, recharged his camera battery just enough to take millions more pictures. (I actually don’t mind the pictures). I checked my email on Mark’s computer. :)

We left Chicago about, oh poop, I’m not even going to try to figure it out. The ride home consisted of music wars, Becky and I playing games on paper, me getting pouty during that dang “green glass door” game because I couldn’t figure it out, and us eating McDonalds for dinner.

Rob: Did it seem like cars were blurring as we passed them?

OMG, that McDonalds—albeit cool-looking, had terrible service. They forgot to give me half of my order and I had to ask for the rest of my food, and man. It was BAD. I said that the sixteen-and-under crew must be working that night. No offense to the responsible teens who read this—but I know that I couldn’t have cared less about anything other than getting paid at my job when I was sixteen. That’s that attitude they had. Not good.

And the nuggets didn’t taste that great either.

Ronni (sing-song voice): I have an extra cherry pie for anyone who wants it.
Rob turns around with cute face.

Of course he got the pie. :)

Can I say that I love my girls? Bizzy and Becky are amazing. I’m so glad they were there with me!

So that’s my trip in a nutshell. Woo-hoo! I can’t wait to see Mark again!

More pictures coming soon in a photo album… just wanted to give you a taste, though. :) Hope you enjoyed!

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